What were the major accomplishments of Anne Frank?

What were the major accomplishments of Anne Frank?

Notable Accomplishments Anne Frank Summary Information: Anne Frank is best known for her diary, which she wrote for just over two years while in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II.

What did Anne Frank do that was inspiring?

Anne Frank is so inspirational to many young people nowadays. Her spirit was always so lively and enthusiastic. After I read her diary,I was inspired to keep my own diary and now it’s become a habit. Anne Frank provides a great example of a girl using her diary as a way to express her thoughts and feelings.

What did Anne Frank invent?

Anne wrote 34 tales. About her schooldays, things that happened in the Secret Annex, or fairytales she invented herself. The Book of Beautiful Sentences. These were not her own texts, but sentences and passages she copied from books she read in the hiding place.

How is Anne Frank a hero?

Anne Frank is a hero because she was optimistic, patient, unselfish, and strong. For some, she has been someone to look up to. For others, she has been a victim of wrongdoing that will help to prevent the same tragedy from happening again. She died unjustly.

Did Anne Frank have any lifetime accomplishments?

Anne’s Life Achievement. When Anne Frank turned thirteen, she received a red and white checkered autograph book from her parents that she decided to use as a diary. Anne named her diary “Kitty” and began to write to her on a regular basis. Although no one could have predicted it at the time, Anne was writing the beginning to what would be a famous first person account of the holocaust.

What were Anne Frank’s important contributions?

Contributions to Society. What Anne Frank did to make her stand out was that she wrote in a diary. The diary made her stand out because it told us about herself and what she liked. It also told us what she thought about things like war or just or just ordinary things.

What is the most important thing about Anne Frank?

Important Facts About Anne Frank. Anne Frank is one of the Holocaust’s most memorable victims. School curricula all over the world use her “Diary of a Young Girl” to teach students of the horrors suffered by European Jews and other minority groups under Hitler’s Third Reich following the first World War.

What was Anne Franks daily life like?

Amazing Anne Frank. Daily life in the annex was difficult for all who lived in it. The toilet could only flush at certain times and there was not much food to go around. On some days friends would come and give books, food, and other helpful things to the annex dwellers. The annex was a small building behind Anne’s father’s office building.