What were the occupations of the Indus people?

What were the occupations of the Indus people?

Agriculture: Agriculture was the main occupation of the Indus Valley people. Crops such as wheat, barley, peas and bananas were raised. In the olden days, there was enough rain in that region and occasional floods brought a great deal of fertile soil to the area.

What did the Indus Valley people do for a living?

HOW DID THE PEOPLE OF THE INDUS VALLEY LIVE? Farmers grew wheat, barley, cotton, and rice on land fertilized by yearly Indus River floods. They also raised animals. In towns, people made cloth, pottery, metalwork, and jewelry.

What were some of the social classes and jobs of the Indus Valley?

The main social classes of the Indus River Valley Civilization are the Gods, Brahmins (priests and academics), Kshatryia (warriors and kings), Vaishya (merchants and landowners), Sudra (commoners,peasants, and servants), and then the Untouchables (the outcasts of the Caste system).

What were the public works in the Indus Valley?

Harappa, Lothal, and Mohenjo-daro are three of the extensive archeological excavations in the region. They are noted for sophisticated public works that included sewage drainage systems, public wells, and private and public baths.

Which was the main occupation of Harappans?

The main occupation of the Harappan people was agriculture.

What can we learn from Indus Valley artefacts?

What can we learn from burial sites? Graves can tell archaeologists a lot. Indus Valley people were buried with clay pots and clay figures, as well as beads. Putting these items in graves may mean that they had a religious belief in an afterlife, in which they could use these belongings again.

Did the Indus Valley have a caste system?

The original people of the Indus Valley made up the lowest caste. With the idea of reincarnation and karma, the caste system became a major part of Hinduism and affected India for many years.

What kind of jobs did Indus River valley people have?

With so many jobs nowadays like being a doctor or teacher, the opportunities we have clearly exceeded those of the Indus River Valley Civilization, but that doesn’t mean that they only had one job available. Their jobs consisted of: Farming and agriculture was an important part of their society.

Why was agriculture so important to the Indus Valley Civilization?

Farming and agriculture was an important part of their society. The Indus River was able to provide the people with water and fertile land, making farming the obvious choice. They grew wheat and barley as their primary crops, but in addition to those few, rye, peas, cotton, and rice were also grown.

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What did the people of the Indus Valley Civilization wear?

The people of IVC were one of the first in the world to start wearing elaborate jewellery and create a jewellery industry and trade. As early as in second millnium BCE they were making, selling and wearing earrings, necklaces, necklaces, bangles, head bands, brooches, chokers, and rings.