What year was the original Ghostbusters?

What year was the original Ghostbusters?

On June 8, 1984, the now-classic comedy Ghostbusters is released in theaters across the United States.

What year does Ghostbusters 2 take place?

Running Time: Ghostbusters II is the 1989 sequel to Ghostbusters (1984) produced and directed by Ivan Reitman. It takes place in New York City, five years after the events in the first film.

Which of the Ghostbusters died?

actor Harold Ramis
But one person who won’t and can’t be back is actor Harold Ramis, who passed away in 2014. And lest you think the new movie will ignore that fact, Ghostbusters: Afterlife will address the death of Harold Ramis.

How old were the Ghostbusters in the first movie?

Ghostbusters has been such a huge part of our popular-culture for the last 30 years that it’s easy to overlook what it represented at the time. In June 1984, when the film opened in theaters, Bill Murray was only 33 years old. Dan Aykroyd was just 31 and director Ivan Reitman was 37.

Who were the 4 original Ghostbusters?

Bill Murray starred as the group’s leader Peter Venkman, while Dan Aykroyd portrayed Ray Stantz, Harold Ramis starred as Egon Spengler and Ernie Hudson played Winston Zeddemore.

Who is the father of Dana’s baby in Ghostbusters 2?

In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Oscar is a baby boy who has no name throughout the script. He is the son of Lane Walker and Jason Locke (Vigo). The baby is stated to be nine months old and in the movie, Oscar is about eight months old.

Are any of the original Ghostbusters died?

Murray explains to Vanity Fair that the return is due to the fact that the fourth original Ghostbuster, Harold Ramis, who co-wrote and starred as Dr. Egon Spengler in the 1984 original, died in 2014. “Well, we are a man down. That’s the deal,” Murray said.

What religion is Rick Moranis?

Moranis was born in Toronto, Ontario, to a Jewish family.

How old is Bill Murray now?

71 years (September 21, 1950)
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Who is the father of Dana Barrett’s baby?

Peter Venkman
The site reports that Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman was actually the father of Dana Barrett’s (Sigourney Weaver) newborn son Oscar, who was introduced in Ghostbusters 2.

How old is Jim Carrey now?

59 years (January 17, 1962)
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