What year was the Savage Model 24 made?

What year was the Savage Model 24 made?

Savage Model 24
Designed 1938
Manufacturer Stevens Arms Savage Arms
Produced 1938 – 2010 1938 – 1950 for Stevens Arms 1950 – 2010 for Savage Arms
Variants Stevens Model 22-410 Savage Model 24 Savage Model 24B Savage Model 24C Savage model 24S-E Savage Model 24V Savage Model 242

How much is a Savage Model 64 22 Long Rifle?

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PRICE $179.99
Capacity 10+1
Cartridge 22 Long Rifle
Color Black
Finish Matte Blued

Is the Savage 64 a good rifle?

There’s not much aftermarket support and it’s nowhere near as customizable as an AR-15, but the Savage Model 64 is affordable, reliable, and accurate. It’s often a go-to for a young shooter’s first rifle and is excellent for small game hunting and plinking alike.

What are the different models of Savage rifles?


  • AXIS Series.
  • A Series.
  • B Series.
  • Impulse Series.
  • Long-Range.
  • MSR Series.
  • Magnum Series.
  • Mark II.

What is a 410 22 rifle?

22 LR/. 410 Bore Rifle is a break action rifle with a single-shot capacity that allows to you to swap between rifle and shotgun barrels.

How long is a savage 64?

The Model 64 F combines Savage’s legendary accuracy with a reliable straight-blowback semi-automatic action fed by a detachable 10-round box magazine. The 21-inch, blued-satin carbon steel barrel is perfectly balanced to the rugged synthetic stock.

Are Rossi 22 rifles any good?

As for absolute accuracy, the Rossi has proven generally accurate. At 25 yards, the Rossi is good for shoulder shots on game, and headshots (perhaps with optics). With the standard iron shots, the rifle has exhibited four-inch groups at 50 yards. In the end, the rifle isn’t cheap but it is affordable.

Is the savage 64F good?

The Savage 64F semi-auto rifle makes a great gun for small game hunting, as well as pest control, and its lightweight and secure 2-stage safety makes it a good “first gun” or training gun.

Are Savage Guns any good?

They go above and beyond. Tutorials, warranties, and real-world applications make Savage not just a good gun company, but a good company in general. They’ve applied themselves to delivering what we, as sportsmen and women, really need.

Is there a serial number on a savage 22?

There is NO serial number which leads me to believe that this is not your average .22 Sporter. It is very similar to the 23AA but there are several differences from what I have read only also. The butt plate has the Savage indian/trademark. It is in okay condition and maybe someone can help me ID it through Description or pics.

Is the butt plate on a savage 22LR?

The butt plate has the Savage indian/trademark. It is in okay condition and maybe someone can help me ID it through Description or pics. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

When did the Savage 23A magazine come out?

Clean that baby up and give her a whirl. Savage 23A, or possibly the 23AA. Made from 1923 to 1942. In present condition, maybe $45. Good luck finding a magazine for that one. As the guy up there ^ said, no high collector’s value, decent shooters.