When did Raheem DeVaughn come out?

When did Raheem DeVaughn come out?

Following the release, Raheem decided to become an independent artist. In 2013, he released, A Place Called Loveland, that garnered notable singles, “Love Connection” and “Maker Of Love” in collaboration with Boney James….Latest Release.

1 Everything A Go 4:17
14 Joyful Noise – The Chill AF Mix 4:10

How many kids do Raheem DeVaughn have?

I have two sons, 2 and 4.

Where was Raheem DeVaughn born?

Newark, New Jersey, United States
Raheem DeVaughn/Place of birth

How old is Sisqo?

42 years (November 9, 1978)

What is Raheem DeVaughn real name?

Raheem DeVaughn
Birth name Raheem DeVaughn
Also known as The Love King, Chronkite, Radio Raheem
Born May 5, 1975 Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Origin Washington, D.C.

What height is Raheem Sterling?

170 cm
Raheem Sterling/Height

What is SisQo real name?

Mark Althavan Andrews
Sisqó/Full name

SisQo – born, Mark Althavean Andrews – became a superstar with 2000’s “Thong Song,” dominating radio and music video play for his ode to that “thong thong thong thong thong.” His soulful ballad “Incomplete” helped solidify “Unleash the Dragon” as one of the year’s most popular albums.

Who discovered Raheem DeVaughn?

He won $2,000 from the Washington DC nightclub Bar Nun talent show. CEO Cliff Jones (Soul World Entertainment) and partner Jerry Vines, now the singer’s longtime manager, met DeVaughn while managing the Baltimore-based quartet Dru Hill, and asked him to write a song for the group.

What is the origin of the name DeVaughn?

Devaughn is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Welsh. Devaughn name meanings is Small.

Does sterling have a child?

Thiago Sterling
Melody Rose SterlingThai-Cruz Sterling
Raheem Sterling/Children

How tall is Rasheed Sterling?

How old is Raheem DeVaughn the lead singer?

Raheem DeVaughn (born May 5, 1975) is an American singer and songwriter.

How old is Raheem DeVaughn of Chronkite?

Raheem DeVaughn was born in May 5, 1975. Professionally Raheem is working as an American singer and songwriter. DeVaughn is also known by other name as Chronkite, Radio Raheem who is running 41 years old. Originally he belongs from Newark, New Jersey with American nationality holding. Previously he used to live in Washington D.C.

Where was Raheem DeVaughn born and raised?

DeVaughn was born in Newark, New Jersey on May 5, 1975, the son of jazz cellist Abdul Wadud. He was raised in Maryland ( Montgomery and Prince George’s counties) by his mother, Imani Smith, a now retired federal worker.

What are the names of Raheem DeVaughn’s movies?

1 The Love Experience (2005) 2 Love Behind the Melody (2008) 3 The Love & War MasterPeace (2010) 4 A Place Called Love Land (2013) 5 Love Sex Passion (2015) 6 Decade of a Love King (2018) 7 The Love Reunion (2019) 8 What a Time to Be In Love (2020)