When did Stevenson go to university?

When did Stevenson go to university?

Robert Louis Stevenson
Occupation Novelist poet travel writer
Education 1857 Mr. Henderson’s School, Edinburgh 1857 Private tutors 1859 Return to Mr. Henderson’s School 1861 Edinburgh Academy 1863 Boarding school in Isleworth, Middlesex 1864 Robert Thomson’s School, Edinburgh 1867 University of Edinburgh
Period Victorian era

Did Robert Louis Stevenson live in California?

After sailing from Greenock and travelling across the United States in August 1879, RLS lived in Monterey until 22 December 1879.

Did Robert Louis Stevenson live in London?

When RLS was 12, he, his mother, father, cousin Elizabeth (Bessie) Stevenson and nurse Cummy (Alison Cunningham) travelled through Europe from 2 January – 20 May 1863. They stayed in London on 3 and 4 January 1863 (at the Craven Hotel) en route to Dover and France.

Where was Robert Louis Stevenson born and raised?

Scottish novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer who wrote much the loved classics ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.’ Born in Edinburgh on November 13, 1850 to a family of leading lighthouse engineers, Stevenson originally planned to follow in his father’s footsteps.

What are some of Robert Louis Stevenson’s most famous works?

Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Louis Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3 December 1894) was a British novelist, poet, essayist, musician and travel writer. His most famous works are Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and A Child’s Garden of Verses.

When did Robert Louis Stevenson sail to San Francisco?

Robert Louis StevensonLetter to Sidney Colvin, Pitlochry, August 1881. In June 1888, once again on the hunt for a warmer climate, Stevenson chartered a yacht and set sail with his family from San Francisco.

How old was Robert Louis Stevenson when he moved to Heriot Row?

The family moved again to the sunnier 17 Heriot Row when Stevenson was six years old, but the tendency to extreme sickness in winter remained with him until he was 11. Illness was a recurrent feature of his adult life and left him extraordinarily thin.