When did the Mayflower arrive in Massachusetts?

When did the Mayflower arrive in Massachusetts?

After more than two months (66 days) at sea, the Pilgrims finally arrived at Cape Cod on November 11, 1620….THE TEXT OF THE MAYFLOWER COMPACT:

John Carver Edward Tilly Digery Priest
John Howland Moses Fletcher Edward Leister
Stephen Hopkins John Goodman

Where was the first place the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts?

Instead, after a 66-day voyage, it first landed November 21 on Cape Cod at what is now Provincetown, Massachusetts, and the day after Christmas it deposited its 102 settlers nearby at the site of Plymouth.

Why did the Mayflower go to Massachusetts?

In May of 1620, religious separatists known as pilgrims hired Jones and his ship to take them to the mouth of the Hudson River in North America where they had been granted permission to build a colony.

Who landed the Mayflower in Massachusetts in 1620?

William Bradford
On September 6, 1620, 102 passengers–dubbed Pilgrims by William Bradford, a passenger who would become the first governor of Plymouth Colony—crowded on the Mayflower to begin the long, hard journey to a new life in the New World.

When did the Mayflower arrive in Plymouth Massachusetts?

This is a list of the passengers on board the Mayflower during its trans-Atlantic voyage of September 6 – November 9, 1620, the majority of them becoming the settlers of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts.

When did the Mayflower set sail for Cape Cod?

…back, but the other, the Mayflower, set sail on September 16 (New Style; September 6, Old Style), 1620, with about 100 passengers, and reached Cape Cod before the year ended. After much suffering and peril courageously met, the colony at Plymouth, Massachusetts, took root.

Why did the pilgrims name their ship the Mayflower?

They left Plymouth on 16 th September 1620, with up to 30 crew and 102 passengers on board. Just under half of them were Separatists, or Saints. They used the name Saints as a way to indicate that they were part of a particular group with a certain set of beliefs.

Who was the first person born on the Mayflower?

Susanna White, wife, widowed February 21, 1621. She subsequently married Pilgrim Edward Winslow. Resolved White, 5, son, wife was Judith Vassal. Peregrine White, son. Born on board the Mayflower in Cape Cod Harbor in late November 1620. First European born to the Pilgrims in America. Winslow, Edward ( Droitwich, Worcestershire ).