When was the Deep opened in Hull?

When was the Deep opened in Hull?

The Deep/Opened

How long does it take to go round the deep?

Around one and a half to two hours should be plenty.

How many people visit the deep a year?

850,000 visitors
The Deep is now the most commercially successful Millennium Project. In its first year The Deep welcomed over 850,000 visitors, making Hull’s new aquarium busier than London Zoo….Ticket Prices.

Type of ticket Online
Student*/Senior £15.50

What’s the biggest aquarium in the UK?

The National Marine Aquarium is an Ocean Conservation Charity dedicated to connecting people with our Ocean. Their fun & engaging Ocean experts run the largest Aquarium in the UK and can’t wait to help you have a great experience. Your Aquarium visit will take you around the world’s Ocean.

Is the Deep in Hull open yet?

Yes. The Deep is now back open from 9am until 6pm on weekends and during school holidays. We are open 10am until 6pm Monday to Friday during term time. You must book an online time for your arrival here.

How much is parking at The Deep in Hull?

This will take you to Tower Street, Hull, which is the nearest main road to The Deep. The Deep has its own car park with space for 280 vehicles. Our pay and display car parks are £3 for 6 hours 6am-6pm and £1 6pm-6am. Charges apply every day including bank holidays.

Is The Deep in Hull open yet?

What is a Submarium?

submarium (plural submaria or submariums) An aquarium with many sea creatures.

How much does it cost to keep the deep running every day?

“Even with furloughed staff our running costs to keep our ‘closed’ building operational is around £6,500 a day. “As we approach what would have been our busiest season of the year, the Easter holidays, we are asking our loyal supporters for help.

Where is the best place to see sharks in the UK?

Cornwall is one of the best places to see basking sharks, as the water clarity can be 7-20m (23-65ft). The Isle of Man and western Scottish waters are also good. You can also see them off the coast of west Wales and around the Isles of Scilly.

Do you have to wear a mask in The Deep hull?

Yes our Deep’artment Store will be open to visitors to The Deep only. In accordance with Government rules, all those who visit the gift shop will be required to wear a face covering.