When was the first word processing program created?

When was the first word processing program created?

Microsoft Word, word-processor software launched in 1983 by the Microsoft Corporation. Software developers Richard Brodie and Charles Simonyi joined the Microsoft team in 1981, and in 1983 they released Multi-Tool Word for computers that ran a version of the UNIX operating system (OS).

What companies that sold the first modern style word processor in the market?

The first ‘modern’ style word processor was brought to the market by Lexitron and Linolex. As well as a magnetic tape, it also had a video display screen, so that the typist could see and correct errors without having to print it first.

Where was the first word processor?

Electric Pencil offered for sale in December by Michael Shrayer Software. This is the first word processing package for a microcomputer. It was developed by Michael Shrayer a frequent attendee at the Home Brew Computer Club in Menlo Park, California.

What was before Word Perfect?

WordPerfect (WP) is a word processing application, now owned by Corel, with a long history on multiple personal computer platforms. At the height of its popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s, it was the dominant player in the word processor market, displacing the prior market leader WordStar.

Who invented WordStar?

Rob Barnaby

Wordstar running under MS-DOS
Developer(s) Rob Barnaby
Initial release 1978
Stable release WordStar 7.0d / 1999
Operating system CP/M-80 (original on Intel 8080 and Zilog Z80) MS-DOS, Windows

Can you still buy a word processor?

That’s why I invested $19 in this piece of junk. It’s a little portable word processor, called the AlphaSmart 3000, that was made for use in classrooms way back in the year 2000. It’s been discontinued, but you can still buy them used on Amazon.

Who made the first word processor?

Evelyn Berezin
Evelyn Berezin invented a Selectric-based word processor in 1969, and founded the Redactron Corporation to market the $8,000 machine.

Who made word star?

It was published by MicroPro International, originally written for the CP/M-80 operating system, and later written also for MS-DOS and other 16-bit PC OSes. Seymour I….WordStar.

Wordstar running under MS-DOS
Developer(s) Rob Barnaby
Initial release 1978
Stable release WordStar 7.0d / 1999

What is the most popular word processor in the world?

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing software according to a user tracking system built into the software. Microsoft estimates that roughly half a billion people use the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Word.

Who started WordPerfect?

Bruce Wayne Bastian
Bruce Wayne Bastian (born March 23, 1948) is an American computer programmer, businessperson, philanthropist, and social activist. He co-founded the WordPerfect Software Company with Alan Ashton in 1978 (originally known as Satellite Software International and then changed to WordPerfect Corporation in 1982).

Does WordStar exist?

Although no current version of WordStar is available for modern operating systems, some former WordStar users still prefer WordStar’s interface, especially the cursor diamond commands described earlier in this article.

What are five examples of word processors?


  • Apple iWork – Pages.
  • Apple TextEdit – Apple macOS included word processor.
  • Corel WordPerfect.
  • Dropbox Paper (online and free).
  • Google Docs (online and free).
  • LibreOffice -> Writer (free).
  • Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft WordPad.
  • Microsoft Works (discontinued).
  • What was the first word processing software?

    WordStar was the first commercially successful word processing software program and was launched in 1979. There were other word processors before it, so it wasn’t the very first word processor.

    What is the fastest processor for computer?

    AMD announced that their new 8-core Bulldozer FX processor clocked a record speed of 8.429GHz with the help of liquid nitrogen and helium. A new computer chip nicknamed Bulldozer just earned the title of the world’s fastest computer processor.

    How do you open a word processing program?

    Click “File” located at the top of the word processing program. A menu will drop down from the “File” option. Select the “Open” or “Open File” option. A window will open inside the word processing program.