When working with chemicals in the laboratory which is something you should not do quizlet?

When working with chemicals in the laboratory which is something you should not do quizlet?

Terms in this set (44) When working with chemicals in the laboratory, which is something you should NOT do? Pour any unused chemicals back into their original bottles.

What are the do’s and don’ts in laboratory?

Always wear appropriate eye protection (i.e., chemical splash goggles) in the laboratory. Wear disposable gloves, as provided in the laboratory, when handling hazardous materials. Remove the gloves before exiting the laboratory. Wear a full-length, long-sleeved laboratory coat or chemical-resistant apron.

Which of the following rules is important to follow when you are working with chemicals?

Personal Protective Equipment: Wear closed-toe shoes and full length pants at all times when in the laboratory. the laboratory and while performing procedures that involve the use of hazardous chemicals or materials. Confine long hair and loose clothing. the gloves before each use, and replace them often.

How will you know if a product is harmful to use or not?

Look for the words Danger, Warning, or Caution on the product label. “Danger” warnings are found on extremely hazardous products. Products without warning labels are least hazardous. A hazardous product can be toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive or any combination of these.

What should you not do in the laboratory?

If there’s something goes wrong, find safety shower to water your eyes which have been infected with any chemicals. Never eating, drinking, smoking, even applying cosmetic and using contact lenses in laboratory areas. You will be exposed to the chemicals if you eat in the laboratory.

Why are the chemicals in the laboratory dangerous?

Because they are very dangerous, toxic, explosive, corrosive, inflammable, and even cause skin burning. A faulty technique in handling these hazardous materials is one of the main causes of the accidents and the most difficult part to cope with. Here are some hazards of the chemicals which you will use in the laboratory.

Do you wash your hands in the chemistry lab?

You wash your hands, and any other area of skin that has contacted lab equipment or lab benches such as your arms. If you accidentally mix the wrong chemicals or do not follow the instructions, tell the instructor immediately. Dress Code for the Lab If you come to the lab dressed inappropriately you will be asked to leave.

What should you wear in a research lab?

It is important to wear closed toed shoes in the lab for a variety of reasons. If you drop something, such as glassware or chemicals, your feet will be safe and sound. 2. Keeping long hair down Long hair can be beautiful, but if it’s not tied back properly in a research lab, it can be a huge problem!