Where can I download Cantonese songs?

Where can I download Cantonese songs?

15 Awesome Sites to Download Chinese Songs

  • BuddhaNet.
  • Red Karaoke.
  • Kugou.
  • Ihonhon.
  • Baidu.
  • 5ND.
  • Sogou MP3.
  • 9Sky.

What is Cantonese music?

Cantopop (a contraction of “Cantonese pop music”) or HK-pop (short for “Hong Kong pop music”) is a genre of popular music written in standard Chinese and sung in Cantonese. Cantopop is also used to refer to the cultural context of its production and consumption.

What music do they listen to in Hong Kong?

The Music of Hong Kong is an eclectic mixture of traditional and popular genres. Cantopop is one of the more prominent genres of music produced in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta regularly perform western classical music in the city.

Is music a Chinese app?

Chinese Music List-Top 5 Chinese Music APPs

  1. Kugou Music(酷狗音乐) Founded in 2004, Kugou Music is the largest online music service in China, boasting over 450 million monthly active users.
  2. QQ Music (QQ音乐) It is the most complete music platform protecting the music copyright of musicians.
  3. KuWo Music(酷我音乐)
  4. Xiami Music(虾米音乐)

How do I download music from China?

Top 5 Website to Download Chinese Songs

  1. QQ Music. https://y.qq.com/ QQ music is one of the largest and most popular Chinses music websites, owned by Tencent.
  2. Kugou. https://www.kugou.com/
  3. XIAMI Music. https://www.xiami.com/
  4. Kuwo Music. http://www.kuwo.cn/
  5. NetEase Music. https://music.163.com/

How do you say music in Cantonese?

音樂 (jam1 ngok6) music (noun) Some say music is the universal language.

What is K Pop?

What Is K-Pop? Korean popular music, or K-pop, is a popular genre of music originating from South Korea. K-pop songs contain many musical influences, such as hip-hop, electronic dance, jazz, and rock, performed by groups featuring anywhere from four to 21 members.

Which is the most popular song in Cantonese?

So, here we go: Our first song in this popular Cantonese song list is Joeng Ngoi Gou Fei 讓愛高飛 by Famous Hongkong Singer, Pakho Chau. This song released several month ago and became one of the most played song this month. Joeng Ngoi Gou Fei is a TV Program “Wonder Woman” Theme Song with Pakho as one of the cast.

Are there any Chinese songs that are English?

Wong has released songs in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Believe it or not, turned down a 3,000,000 Yuan payday to perform in her hometown of Beijing, for the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony. This was at the time of her hiatus from performing.

Which is the best Cantopop song in the world?

Francis Yip (葉麗儀) – Shanghai Tang <<上海灘>> Popularised by the hit TV drama The Bund, this song combines traditional Chinese elements with Yip’s dramatic Canto-centric interpretation, making it one of the most recognised Chinese melodies, not only in Hong Kong but in the wider Chinese speaking world. 2. Leslie Cheung (張國榮) – The Wind Blows <<風繼續吹>>

Who is the most beautiful voice in Chinese music?

Teresa Teng is widely regarded as having one of the most beautiful voices in the history of Chinese music and hearing this song for the first time, the thing that struck me was the togetherness of our Chinese friends. It was almost mesmeric. The room came together and within 3 or 4 listens I was hooked as well.