Where can I watch Heroes Season 4?

Where can I watch Heroes Season 4?

Streaming, rent, or buy Heroes – Season 4: You are able to buy “Heroes – Season 4” on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, Sky Store as download.

When did Heroes Season 4 come out?

September 21, 2009
Heroes (season 4)

No. of episodes 18
Original network NBC
Original release September 21, 2009 – February 8, 2010

How many episodes are in series 4 of Heroes?

Heroes – Season 4/Number of episodes

What happened to Heroes Season 5?

After becoming an almost immediate hit for NBC in Fall of 2006, Heroes dropped significantly in the ratings over the past couple seasons. NBC has opted to cancel it anyway. …

How did Heroes End Season 4?

After some road trips, Sylar went back to the dark side, only to then go back to the good guys again by the end of season 4, helping against Samuel (Robert Knepper) and his carnie villains. By making Sylar flip-flop, the writers of Heroes gutted the proverbial goose of its golden egg.

Who is the father to Claire’s baby on Heroes?

Later, Meredith telephones Claire’s biological father, who is revealed to be Nathan Petrelli, informing him that their daughter is still alive. In the episode “Unexpected”, Claire finds that her mother, Mrs. Bennet, is showing signs of temporary memory loss, at one point even forgetting the family dog, Mr.

What happens in Season 4 of’heroes’?

As Hiro’s life continues to hang in the balance, he distracts himself with saving the lives of others. Meanwhile, Angela tries to help the new “Nathan” remember his past, at the risk of his remembering too much. Elsewhere, Tracy is determined to get her old job back, but soon realizes that she needs to make more of an impact.

How many seasons are there of the TV show Heroes?

(American TV series) This article is about the American TV series Heroes. For other uses of “Heroes”, see Heroes (disambiguation). Heroes is an American superhero drama television series created by Tim Kring that appeared on NBC for four seasons from September 25, 2006 to February 8, 2010.

Who are the main characters in the TV show Heroes?

Two recurring characters from season one, Sylar, portrayed by Zachary Quinto, and Ando Masahashi, portrayed by James Kyson Lee, were upgraded to main characters in season two. Starting in season three, recurring character Angela Petrelli, portrayed by Cristine Rose, was promoted to a main character.

Who is the replicating man in Heroes Season 4?

Samuel goes off and tries to bring Emma into the fold by manipulating her about how special her sight-of-sound powers are, while back at the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, Claire becomes more suspicious about Samuel’s intentions and deals with not only Samuel’s right hand, Replicating Man, Eli, but also the Puppet Master Eric Doyle.