Where did Egyptians build temples?

Where did Egyptians build temples?

Over a long period of time, the Egyptians built numerous temples along the Nile. Two of the most famous, at Karnak and Luxor, are featured in the IMAX® film Mysteries of Egypt.

Which city was built by Akhenaten honor of the god Aten?

Around 1346 BC, Akhenaten decided to build a city to honor the god Aten. The city was called Akhetaten by the Ancient Egyptians. Today, archeologists call it Amarna. Amarna became the capital city of Egypt during Akhenaten’s reign.

How did Akhenaten worship Aten?

He abandoned work on a temple dedicated to Re-Harakhte and began to build a new temple to worship the sun god Aten. The Aten was never shown in human or animal form, but represented as the sun disk with extended rays ending in hands.

Which pharaoh built large temples in Egyptian cities?

About 30 pharaohs contributed to the buildings, creating an extremely large and diverse complex. The Luxor Temple was constructed in the 14th century BCE by Amenhotep III in the ancient city of Thebes, now Luxor. It later received a major expansion by Ramesses II in the 13th century BCE.

When was the Great Temple of the Aten built?

It served as the main place of worship of the deity Aten during the reign of the 18th dynasty Pharaoh Akhenaten (c. 1353-1336 BCE ). Akhenaten ushered in a unique period of ancient Egyptian history by establishing the new religious cult dedicated to the sun-disk Aten.

How big was the temple of Akhenaten in Karnak?

The lips of a colossal depiction (three or four times life size) of Akhenaten. Since October 1966, an expedition of the University Museum has been engaged in a study of polychrome relief-cut blocks from the Aten Temple built by Akhenaten at Thebes (modern Karnak) in the early years of his reign.

What did king Akhenaton do during his reign?

Akhenaton started his reign as most Egyptian kings. But fairly early in his reign he introduced a monotheistic worship of Aten, the Sun God. At first he attempted to place temples for next to temples for other gods. Eventually he closed all the other temples and took their revenues.

What kind of religion did Akhenaten believe in?

Early in his reign, Akhenaten identified himself with the sun god Aton and elevated the cult of Aton above the worship of most other gods, including Amon, the king of the gods. Akhenaten saw himself as Aton’s earthly manifestation.