Where did Horst Schumann get his medical degree?

Where did Horst Schumann get his medical degree?

Schumann was born on 1 May 1906 in Halle an der Saale. His father, Paul Schumann, was also a doctor. Schumann entered the NSDAPin 1930 and joined the SA in 1932. In 1933, he received his medical degree after producing a thesis entitled “Frage der Jodresorption und der therapeutischen Wirkung sog.

What did Horst Schumann do to Jewish women?

In this Block Jewish women had been imprisoned for human experiments. To control the radiation on women, prisoner doctors (Dr. Maximilian Samuel, Dr. Wladislaw Dering) had to remove an ovary. Schumann also performed typhus experiments by injecting people with blood from typhus patients and then attempting to cure the newly infected subjects.

Where did Horst Schumann serve in World War 2?

Schumann left Auschwitz in September 1944 and was appointed to the Sonnenstein Clinic in Saxony which had earlier been converted into a military hospital. While serving as a military doctor on the Western Front, he was captured by the Americans in January 1945. He was released from captivity in October 1945.

Where did Horst Schumann live in the Sudan?

Schumann then fled, first to Egypt and eventually settled in Khartoum in the Sudan as head of a hospital. He was forced to flee from Sudan in 1962 after being recognized by an Auschwitz survivor. Then he went to Ghana, where he received the protection of the head of state, Kwame Nkrumah, until the dictator was overthrown.

When did Horst Schumann get out of prison?

Without any public interest, Schumann was released from prison on July 29, 1972. He spent the rest of his life in Frankfurt and died on May 5, 1983, eleven years after he had been released.

When did Horst Schumann join the Air Force?

From 1934, Schumann was employed in the Public Health Office in Halle. He was recruited to the air force as a physician in 1939. He joined the AktionT4Euthanasia program in early October 1939, after a meeting with Dr. Viktor Brackin Hitler’s chancellery.