Where did Max Scheler live most of his life?

Where did Max Scheler live most of his life?

1. Biographical Sketch Max Scheler was born on August 22, 1874. He was raised in a well-respected orthodox Jewish family in Munich. Although he was not a particularly strong student, Scheler did show early promise and interest in philosophy, particularly in the works of Friedrich Nietzsche.

When did Max Scheler start teaching at Cologne University?

Scheler, officially joining the faculty in 1919, was once again allowed to teach at a German university. During his time in Cologne, he wrote his major work on religion, On the Eternal in Man (1921). The circle of influence continued to grow for Scheler.

Who are some famous people Max Scheler met?

During his time in Berlin and in Cologne, Scheler would meet and correspond regularly with prominent, German intellectuals such as Max Brod, Franz Werfel, Martin Buber, Arnold Zweig, Ernst Troeltsch, Werner Sombart, Albert Einstein, Alfred Kerr, Walter Rathenau, Paul Tillich, Romano Guardini and Ernst Bloch.

When did Edmund Husserl and Friedrich Scheler meet?

While holding his position as Privatdozent in Jena, Scheler met Edmund Husserl at a party in 1901 and then, a year later, read Husserl’s Logical Investigations. The remainder of his life would be dedicated to the development and the progress of phenomenology.

Who are some famous people Max Scheler corresponded with?

His circle of collaboration and discussion was not limited to philosophy. Scheler corresponded with the leading psychologists and natural scientists such as Wertheimer, Köhler, Buytendijk, and Wasserman.

What was Max Scheler’s hierarchy of values?

Max Scheler was a German philosopher. From positive to negative, hierarchy of values correlate to the spectral type structure of value rankings. In this hierarchy, divine love is grasped. Q: Hierarchy of values by Max Scheler?