Where do I find the treasure in Red Dead Redemption?

Where do I find the treasure in Red Dead Redemption?

Head to Roca de Madera, which is North East of Agave Viejo. Stand next to the large rock on a column, and look west-southwest (245°). You will see a narrow path just below the top of the cliff. Follow the path around the cliff face and you will find the treasure at the end of it.

Where is the treasure at Rio del Lobo?

Río del Lobo is home to the second treasure. From the picture to the right, up the slope on the cliffside and on a ledge near the campsite at the top in Del Lobo Rock. The gold found is Jackson’s, and can be sold for $125 or $188 with high honor.

Where is Treasure Map 3 in Red Dead Redemption?

The High Stakes Treasure Map 3 will take you close to Fort Wallace. It’s on the large rock formation directly next to Ft. Wallace to the north-east. Ride along the path leading east around the front of the fort, then veer off to ride up the hill on the backside of the large rock face.

Do you need a treasure map to find treasure in rdr2?

Remember – going to a chest without having the right map won’t give you any rewards. You can’t find treasures on the Internet and go to their locations. You need to own the right map first – keep joining to new Free roam sessions and look for bandit camps.

Where is the treasure in Hanging Rock?

Head to Hanging Rock and locate the tree with the noose. The treasure can be found in a narrow cranny at the base of the biggest boulder. You’ll find it under a pile of yellow rocks. Every hidden treasure will look similar upon discovery.

Does John get Arthur’s stuff?

Arthur’s wallet of money is also cleared out, but John receives $20,000, which is more than enough to buy anything. A few missions into the epilogue, John does inherit all of Arthur’s outfits and weapons.

Is there a sheriff in Annesburg?

Background. At some point prior to 1898, Jones was elected the Sheriff of Annesburg. He has served the town well, and is well-respected by its inhabitants.

How much money do you get from the Jack Hall treasure?

You can use your horse to swim there and save your Stamina. As soon as you’re out of the lake and on the dry land of the island, look at the ground for a Rock to examine. When you do, you’ll receive two Gold Bars, which you can sell for $500 each. You’ll also complete the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Mission.

Where is the high stakes treasure?

The third, and thankfully final, High Stakes treasure map points you towards a winding, treacherous, and downright annoying path that winds around a cliff edge. It’s located on a mountain to the southwest of Bacchus Station and northwest of Fort Wallace.

Will there be a RDR3?

Sadly, there is currently no release date for Red Dead Redemption 3. Therefore, it’s assumed the Red Dead Redemption 3 is currently not in the making. But 8 years passed between the first and second RDR games, so it wouldn’t be unthinkable for RDR3 to make an appearance as late as 2026.

Where to find treasure in ‘Red Dead Online’?

In Red Dead Online you can start looking for treasure only after reaching Rank 10 , at which point you will receive the Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map as a reward. Open the obtained treasure map by accessing your Satchel and then check out the now highlighted area on your main map, which is on the north shore of Flat Iron Lake between the West Elizabeth.

Where is the treasure in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The actual treasure is found behind a waterfall at Elysian Pool, north of where the final map was found. When you get there, create a manual save in case you take a tumble on the inside. Also keep in mind that this body of water is home to one of Red Dead Redemption 2’s legendary fish.

Were is the treasure in Red Dead remption?

Red Dead Redemption’s first treasure is found adjacent to The Hanging Rock , just north of Armadillo. You’ll need to walk into the gap between the large rock and the two smaller boulders. You’ll find the chest buried under some small rocks up against the large rock.