Where does Alice Parker live?

Where does Alice Parker live?

she possesses a rare and creative musical intelligence.” Now a resident of western Massachusetts, Parker has published books on melodic styles, choral improvisation and ‘Good Singing in Church’. The Anatomy of Melody will be released in 2006. Five videos have appeared, showing her work with hymns and folksongs.

When was Alice Parker born?

December 16, 1925 (age 95 years)
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Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Alice Parker (born December 16, 1925) is an American composer, arranger, conductor, and teacher. She has authored five operas, eleven song-cycles, thirty-three cantatas, eleven works for chorus and orchestra, forty-seven choral suites, and more than forty hymns, all original compositions.

Is Alice Parker still alive?

Now to the story of a woman who has composed more than 500 pieces of music. Her arrangements of folk songs, hymns and spirituals are sung all over the world. She’s even been on the cover of Time magazine. And at 91 years old, Alice Parker is still at it.

Was Alice H Parker African American?

Alice H. Parker was an African American inventor famous for her patented system of central heating using natural gas. Very little is known about Alice Parker’s life. She was born in 1895, grew up in Morristown, New Jersey, and attended classes at the Howard University Academy in Washington D.C.

What was Alice Parker accused of?

witchcraft herself
In mid-May of 1692, John and Elizabeth Proctor’s servant Mary Warren, jailed for witchcraft herself, accused Alice Parker of all kinds of misdeeds at sea. According to Warren, Goody Parker had purportedly confided in her that she had sunk a ship, killed a man at sea, and drowned a boy in Salem Harbor.

How old is Alice H Parker?

25 years (1895–1920)
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Parker. Alice H. Parker (1895 – 1920) was an African American inventor known for her patent for a gas furnace.

Who is Alice H Parker parents?

Inventor of the heating furnace Alice H. PARKER
Birthdate: 1895
Birthplace: NJ, United States
Death: 1920 (24-25) NJ, United States
Immediate Family: Daughter of George W. PARKER and Philura L. Wife of Fred H. PIERCE Mother of Private Sister of Gertrude H. PARKER; Baby PARKER and Harry B. PARKER

Why did Alice H Parker invent?

Alice H. Parker invented a furnace powered by natural gas. Her goal was to offer a central heating solution that was more efficient than wood or coal.

Was Ben Franklin’s mother at the Salem witch trials?

Benjamin Franklin’s mother was actually Abiah Folger . He was her 8th child, and she was married and in Boston well before the Salem Witch Trials.

How old is Alice Parker?

95 years (December 16, 1925)
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What challenges did Alice H Parker face?

She then received patent No. US132590A for her design on December 23, 1919. Although the invention had a massive positive impacts, it also came with a few downsides. Her design posed a few health and safety risks as it made certain appliances like the oven, more flammable and unsafe to touch.

Who invented the thermostat?

Andrew Ure
In the 1830s, Scottish chemist Andrew Ure developed the first thermostat designed to regulate the temperature for an entire room in an attempt to regulate the indoor temperature of textile mills.

How old was Alice Parker when she died?

Alice Parker. Alice Parker (born December 16, 1925, Boston, Massachusetts) is an American composer, arranger and conductor.

Where did Alice Parker go to high school?

The many Parker-Shaw settings of American folk songs, hymns, and spirituals form an enduring repertoire for choruses in many countries around the world. Parker attended Smith College, graduating in 1947 with a double major in organ and composition.

Who is the composer and conductor Alice Parker?

Alice Parker (born December 16, 1925, Boston, Massachusetts) is an American composer, arranger and conductor. Many of her arrangements were done in cooperation with Robert Shaw. She was awarded the 2014 Brock Commission from the American Choral Directors Association.

Why is Alice H Parker important to New Jersey?

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce established the Alice H. Parker Women Leaders in Innovation Awards to honor women who use their “talent, hard work and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking to create economic opportunities and help make New Jersey a better place to live and work.”