Where does Keyshia Cole currently live?

Where does Keyshia Cole currently live?

Alpharetta, Georgia
Keyshia Cole’s house profile – house picture, rare facts and info about Keyshia Cole’s home in Alpharetta, Georgia.

What state does Keyshia Cole live in?

Oakland, California, U.S.

Is Keyshia Cole rich?

Keyshia Cole Net Worth: Keyshia Cole is an American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer who has a net worth of $8 million. Three of Cole’s seven albums have gone Platinum….Keyshia Cole Net Worth.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession: Singer, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Artist, Record producer, Musician, Music artist

Who is Keyshia Cole’s new man?

She shares her 11-year-old son, Daniel Gibson Jr., with her ex-husband and former NBA star, Daniel Gibson, who she married in 2011. Gibson and Cole split in 2014 but finalized their divorce in 2020. She started dating Niko Khale in 2019 and welcomed a son with him on August 1, 2019.

How old is Keyshia Cole now?

39 years (October 15, 1981)
Keyshia Cole/Age

Love is in the air for songstress Keyshia Cole. The 39-year-old said as much after letting fans know she has someone special in her life again.

What happened with Keyshia Cole and Niko khale?

Keyshia Cole and her ex-boyfriend Niko Khale, who is also the father of her second child, have both officially moved on. Khale kicked off the first day of May with a photo of his new girlfriend Ariel. In the caption, he wrote, “Oh, and let me properly introduce my other half. Her name is Ariel, like the mermaid.

Why did Keyshia and Niko Khale break up?

Khale, 24, recently confirmed to one of his Instagram followers that he and Cole did split, responding after the person confronted him about his feelings for the songstress. “You and keisha both tryna pretend that y’all don’t still love each other,” the IG user said, before urging Khale to win his ex back.

Who did Keyshia Cole have a baby with?

See The First Photo Of Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale’s Adorable Son Tobias. The singer and her new beau made one gorgeous baby. Keyshia Cole and her boyfriend Niko Khale gave us a peek into their new life last night on their much-anticipated reality show Keyshia Cole: My New Life.

Does Keyshia Cole own her masters?

R&B singer-songwriter Keyshia Cole made her break from the majors fairly recently. In February 2015, she told RapUpTV: “I’m definitely going independent, 100%.