Where does Walter Mosley live?

Where does Walter Mosley live?

New York City
He serves on the Board of Trustees of Goddard College and is on the board of TransAfrica Forum. Walter Mosley lives and works in New York City.

Where did Easy Rawlins live?

Los Angeles
Ezekiel “Easy” Porterhouse Rawlins is a fictional character created by mystery author Walter Mosley. Rawlins is an African-American private investigator, a hard-boiled detective and World War II veteran living in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.

What race is Walter Mosley?

Mosley was born in California. His mother, Ella (born Slatkin), was Jewish and worked as a personnel clerk; her ancestors had immigrated from Russia. His father, Leroy Mosley (1924–1993), was an African American from Louisiana who was a supervising custodian at a Los Angeles public school.

Is Walter Mosley biracial?

Mosley’s father was a Black man from the Deep South, and his mother a white-Jewish whose parents immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe. Mosley’s racial and ethnic heritage provided him with a multifaceted understanding of prejudice as well as the importance of cultural tradition.

Where did Walter Mosley go to college?

Hamilton High School
Northern Vermont UniversityGoddard CollegeNorthern Vermont University – Johnson
Walter Mosley/Education

Did Walter Mosley write snowfall?

I’m going to make my mark.” Mosley is best known as a novelist, where he has also explored crime in Los Angeles during the 20th century with his Easy Rawlins mysteries like “Devil in a Blue Dress.” When he joined the “Snowfall” writers room in season two he was new to TV.

Is Easy Rawlins dead?

And Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins is alive. He is alive. No sooner than he opens his eyes, Easy’s given a case to solve: find a young man who went to the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood one night and didn’t return.

What happens in Devil in a Blue Dress?

Devil in a Blue Dress is a 1990 hardboiled mystery novel by Walter Mosley, his first published book. The text centers on the main character, Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins, and his transformation from a day laborer into a detective.

What is Walter Mosley known for?

Walter Mosley is one of America’s greatest crime-fiction writers. He is the author of almost 50 books across multiple genres including the bestselling mystery series featuring detective Easy Rawlins.

Did Snowfall get Cancelled?

‘Snowfall’ Renewed for Season 5 by FX “Snowfall,” the acclaimed drama set during the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles in the 1980s, has been renewed for a fifth season by FX, the network announced on Tuesday. The Season 4 finale will air on April 21.

Is Snowfall a true story?

According to Decider, Snowfall is not based on a true story but is inspired by ample true events that took place down history. Franklin Saint is a fictional character whose rise in the drug industry we’re able to witness as the story moves forward.

How many pages is Devil in a Blue Dress?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780743451796
Publisher: Washington Square Press
Publication date: 09/17/2002
Series: Easy Rawlins Series , #1
Pages: 272

Who is Walter Mosley and what is he known for?

Walter Ellis Mosley (born January 12, 1952) is an American novelist, most widely recognized for his crime fiction. He has written a series of best-selling historical mysteries featuring the hard-boiled detective Easy Rawlins, a black private investigator and World War II veteran living in the Watts neighborhood…

Who is Easy Rawlins in Walter Mosley books?

Walter Mosley’s infamous detective Easy Rawlins is back, with a new mystery to solve on the sun-soaked streets of Southern California. Ezekiel “Easy” Porterhouse Rawlins is an unlicensed private investigator turned hard-boiled detective always willing to do what it takes to get things done in the racially charged, dark underbelly of Los Angeles.

Where did Walter Mosley go to elementary school?

For $9.50 a week, Walter Mosley attended the Victory Baptist day school, a private African-American elementary school that held pioneering classes in black history. When he was 12, his parents moved from South Central to more comfortably affluent, working-class west LA.

Who is the Vietnam veteran in easy by Walter Mosley?

But when Easy is approached by a shell-shocked Vietnam War veteran—a young white man who claims to have gotten into a fight protecting a white woman from a black man—he knows he shouldn’t take the case. Though he sees nothing but trouble in the brooding ex-soldier’s eyes, Easy, a vet himself, feels a kinship form between them.