Where is Curacao and Bonaire?

Where is Curaçao and Bonaire?

The Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are the three western-most islands of the Leeward Antilles in the South Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. They are collectively known as the ABC islands.

Which island is situated to the west of Bonaire?

Its capital is Kralendijk, near the ocean on the lee side of the island. Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao form the ABC islands, 80 km (50 miles) off the coast of Venezuela. Unlike much of the Caribbean region, the ABC islands lie outside Hurricane Alley….Bonaire.

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Is Bonaire the same as Curaçao?

Curacao has over 35 bays and smaller beaches. Bonaire offers far a tinier number of beaches and also less accessible beaches. Bonaire does offer a more pristine beach with beautiful pebbles and petrified coral, but offers fewer facilities (no umbrellas, chairs, toilets and/or beach bars & restaurants).

Is Curaçao part of West Indies?

In 1845 Curaçao was one of the six Dutch dependencies in the West Indies that were brought under collective administration. On October 10, 2010, Curaçao and Sint Maarten became—like Aruba, which had separated from the Netherlands Antilles in 1986—countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Which is nicer Aruba or Curacao?

Curaçao is more of a hidden gem than Aruba, as its smaller sister island is quite popular with tourists. However Aruba probably does have more picturesque beaches with finer white sand, therefore if picture-perfect beaches are your main priority, Aruba is the better vacation choice.

Which island is better Aruba Bonaire or Curacao?

Along with the natural scenery on offer, both Bonaire and Curaçao have a wealth of attractions and cultural experiences worth checking out. Without a doubt Bonaire is the quieter, more laid back island though. So if you want nightlife, Curaçao is the better option.

Is Bonaire a safe island?

Bonaire has a reputation for being one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. As of this writing in early 2021, Bonaire is considered safe for travellers, per the US and Canadian International Travel guidelines.

Is Curacao a poor country?

As a country plagued with such unrest, it should be no wonder that the Curacao poverty rate is over 25 percent. A small island country located in the Caribbean, much of the economy in Curacao is based around tourism and is thus highly sensitive to fluxes in the world market.

Is Bonaire island Expensive?

Bonaire is certainly one of the cheaper Caribbean islands for accommodation, with only a few fairly pricey resorts at this point. There are quite a few mid-level small hotel or apartment complexes offering cheap rooms, and some informal guesthouses as well.

What is Curacao famous food?

Here’s our guide to the top 10 dishes you can’t miss in Curaçao.

  • Keshi Yena. Keshi yena is widely considered the signature dish of Curaçao.
  • Bitterballen. A traditional Dutch bar snack, bitterballen are flavorful meatballs.
  • Oliebollen.
  • Funchi or Tutu.
  • Stroopwafels.
  • Stoba.
  • Poffertjes.
  • Seafood.

What is the best time of year to go to Curacao?

The best time to visit Curaçao is from May to November, during the off-peak season. During these months, you’ll find the lowest airfares and hotel rates, with rooms often priced up to 50 percent lower than they are in the high season (especially during summer).

Are there sharks in Curacao?

Substation Curaçao has a shark-centered deep-dive excursion that is dedicated to spotting local shark species, including big-eyed Cuban dog sharks, sevengill sharks, and green murray sharks.

How long is the flight from Curacao to Bonaire?

How long does it take to fly from CUR to BON? The total flight duration time from Curacao (CUR) to Bonaire (BON) is typically 1 hours 25 minutes. This is the average non-stop flight time based upon historical flights for this route. During this period travelers can expect to fly about 46 miles, or 75 kilometers.

Which is better to visit Aruba or Bonaire?

The food scene on Aruba is acclaimed, running the gamut from hole-in-the-wall street food, to high-end restaurants highlighting an inimitable mix of Dutch, South American and Caribbean fare. Bonaire: Bonaire’s off-the-beaten-path feel attracts independent, adventure-oriented travelers who like to explore under-appreciated destinations.

What to do in Bonaire in the Caribbean?

A favorite spot for diving and snorkeling is the Bonaire National Marine Park, the Caribbean’s first official marine park. On the north tip of the island is the surprisingly large ecological reserve, Washington Slagbaai National Park, which is a top choice for hiking and biking.

Are there any airlines that fly to Bonaire?

Bonaire: Perhaps surprisingly, given that the destination is off most tourists’ radars, there are some direct flights several times a week to Bonaire with carriers like American Airlines, Delta and Air Canada from cities like Newark, Houston, Atlanta and Toronto. KLM offers some direct flights from Europe to Bonaire.