Where is the biggest Amish community in the United States?

Where is the biggest Amish community in the United States?

The Pennsylvania Amish community in Lancaster County is the oldest and largest Amish community in the United States, numbering about 30,000. The population has more than doubled in size in the past 20 years.

Where do the Amish live in the United States?

The Amish have traditionally lived in places like Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (population 26,270), or Holmes County, Ohio (population 17,654). Now,they are spreading to other parts of the country, from New York to Missouri and Wyoming. Montana now has four settlements, and Nebraska has three.

How many Amish are in America?

123,000 Amish
There are about 123,000 Amish living in North America.

How many Amish are in Ohio?

60,000 Amish
The skyward growth has made Ohio home to more than 60,000 Amish residents — the most in any state. Pennsylvania ranks second with about 59,000 Amish people. Indiana ranks third with about 45,000.

What is the largest Amish community in the US?

The largest Amish community is in Holmes County, Ohio; although there are other sizable Amish populations in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Indiana and smaller communities across the Eastern and Mid-Western states, as well as in Canada.

What is the number of Amish people in America?

The total population of Amish people in the world is 308,000, with the majority residing in the United States. Amish communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana make up more than half of the global Amish population with the three states having a combined population of about 189,000 adherents.

Where is Amish country?

Ohio Amish Country is a 3-5 county area of Ohio where approximately 40,000 Amish people live and work. It consists of Holmes County, where nearly half the county’s residents are Amish, plus Tuscarawas Coshocton, and Wayne Counties. (There are Amish families living in neighboring Ashland and Knox counties and a settlement near Middlefield.)

What is the population of the Amish?

The Amish are another US-based religious denomination. In 1920 there were roughly five thousand in number. Today, estimates put the Amish population at more than 300,000.