Where is the light fuse located?

Where is the light fuse located?

Usually located in or around the instrument panel near the dash, fuses can also be found under the hood and even under the rear seat. Next time your radio, lights or other device stops working, chances are a blown fuse is the culprit. Look under “Fuses” in your owner’s manual for help finding your fuse panels.

Where are the fuses on an Astra?

The fuse box is located in the front left of the engine compartment. Disengage the cover and fold it upwards until it stops. Remove the cover vertically upwards.

Which fuse is for cigarette lighter in Astra?

The fuse you are looking for is fuse 29 in the rear fuse box (REC), behind the left hand side panel of the boot. It is a 15A (blue) one.

How do you remove a car fuse without the tool?

You can try a pair of tweezers. If you see tubular glass, look for one that’s black inside, or no longer has its filaments intact. If you can’t pry it out with your fingers, you can use a bent paper clip or a small set of pliers.

What is a CDC fuse?

CDC = not on my Fit, unknown.

Where is the fuse box in a Vauxhall Astra H?

Fuses and relays in the Astra H can be found in two places: in the engine bay and the luggage compartment. Fusebox in the engine compartment exists in two variants (1 i 2).

How do you turn off a cigarette lighter in a car?

Drop the lower dash panel below the steering column, and connect the cig lighter power to the yellow-wire power post under there (that has switched power). Put the proper fuse inline on that wire and you’re done. This way, when you turn on the car, that power post gets 12v and the lighter socket will power up.

How do I reset my car with spanner light?

Hold trip reset button in. turn ignition so all the lights on the dash come on… Keep button pushed in untill the inspection symbol turned off.. basically the EML (car/spanner) will reset after 40-odd successful restarts with no fault recurring in that time.

How do you reset the service light on a Vauxhall Astra?

Turn the ignition on, one position before starting engine. Press MENU button until on the display will appear vehicle information menu. Rotate the button which has on it two arrows one up one down, is located next to the MENU button, until message Remaining oil life is displayed.