Which state has the most labor unions?

Which state has the most labor unions?

Union affiliation by U.S. state

Rank State Percent represented by unions
1 Hawaii 25.7
2 New York 23.6
3 Rhode Island 19.1
4 Alaska 19.5

Which states have the largest number of union members?

Maryland. In Maryland, the top two Food and Commercial Workers local unions represent the largest number of union members in the state by far. Together, locals 400 and 27 boast more than 43,000 members.

Where are most unions located?


  1. Hawaii. • Percent of workers in unions: 23.1 percent.
  2. New York. • Percent of workers in unions: 22.3 percent.
  3. Washington. • Percent of workers in unions: 19.8 percent.
  4. Alaska. • Percent of workers in unions: 18.4 percent.
  5. Rhode Island. • Percent of workers in unions: 17.3 percent.
  6. Connecticut.
  7. Minnesota.
  8. New Jersey.

What states are unions illegal?

There are also some counties and municipalities located in states without right-to-work laws that have passed local laws to ban union security agreements.

  • Delaware.
  • Illinois.
  • Indiana.
  • Kentucky.
  • Missouri.
  • New Hampshire.
  • New Mexico.

What is the strongest labor union in the US?

Education Association of the United States
The Largest Labor Unions in the US

Rank Union Name Members (Est.)
1 Education Association of the United States 2,731,419
2 Service Employees International Union 1,901,161
3 American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees 1,459,511
4 Teamsters 1,400,000

What is the largest union in the USA?

The AFL-CIO is the largest union federation in the U.S., made up of 55 national and international unions with 12.5 million members worldwide. Its member unions span from the Actors Equity Association to the Utility Workers Union of America.

What union has the most power?

30 Most Powerful Unions in America

  • United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

What are the strongest unions in America?

The Teamsters Union is North America’s strongest and most diverse labor union. The Teamsters are known as the champion of freight drivers and warehouse workers, but have organized workers in virtually every occupation imaginable, both professional and non-professional, private sector and public sector.

What is the largest state in the Union?

Alaska is the largest state by total area, land area, and water area. It is the seventh-largest country subdivision in the world. The area of Alaska is 18% of the area of the United States and 21% of the area of the contiguous United States .

How many Union states?

The Union States. The Union consisted of 23 states at the start of the Civil War. The United States in 1861.