Which state is at 20 N 158 W?

Which state is at 20 N 158 W?

The state that includes the coordinates of 20 N latitude 158 W latitude is Alaska.

Which country is located at approximately 22 N and 73 W?

From Pole to Pole

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea
22°22′N 73°0′W Atlantic Ocean
21°33′N 73°0′W Bahamas
21°27′N 73°0′W Atlantic Ocean
19°55′N 73°0′W Haiti

What city is located at 71 N 156 W?

Anyway, there aren’t many ways to leave Barrow on a snowmachine, since it is the northern most city in Alaska, and the United States for that matter.

Which continent is located at 20 N 20 E?

The 20th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 20 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Africa, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, North America, the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean…….What continent is 20 degrees north and 20 degrees east?

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
20°0′N 72°43′W Haiti Island of Tortuga

What city is 30 N and 90 W?

As an example, the location for New Orleans is 30 N, 90 W. This is read as 30 degrees north latitude, and 90 degrees west longitude. The map above shows the New Orleans location.

Which city is located near 33 N and 84 W?

What city is near 33 N 84 W?

Name : 33n 84w
Country : World
State : Georgia
District : Monroe
Locality : Forsyth

Where is 71.2 degrees N and 156 degrees W?

The Arctic Tundra
The Arctic Tundra, is in the far northern hemisphere, it has a latitude and longitude of 71.2 degrees N and 156 degrees W.

What city is 71 degrees north and 156 degrees west?

Map settings

City Province/State Coordinates
Barrow Alaska 71°18′N 156°46′W
Hilo Hawaii 19°42′N 155°05′W
Anchorage Alaska 61°13′N 149°54′W
Deadhorse Alaska 70°12′N 148°31′W

What continent is 20 S 140 E?

Northern Australia is at 20 degrees south and 140 degrees east.

What country is 35 N 45 E?

Location Country
35°N 45°E Iraq
60°N 10°E Norway
57°N 10°E Denmark
35°N 55°E Iran

Where is 30 s and 30 e?

The coordinate (30S 30E) is in the southeast corner of South Africa.