Who commissioned David by Donatello?

Who commissioned David by Donatello?

Cosimo de’Medici
The work was commissioned by Cosimo de’Medici for the Palazzo Medici, but we do not know when during the mid-fifteenth century Donatello cast it.

What is the inspiration of David by Donatello?

Allegedly inspired by classical depictions of the renowned young beauty Antinous, a favourite of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, Donatello’s work was the first unsupported standing bronze statue cast during the Renaissance, and the first of three famous Davids: the other two being the more conventional bronze (1475) by …

Who was the patron of Michelangelo’s David?

Arte della Lana
Perhaps the most famous statue in the world today is the Statue of David by Michelangelo. In 1501 Michelangelo was commissioned to create the David by the Arte della Lana (Guild of Wool Merchant), who were responsible for the upkeep and the decoration of the Cathedral in Florence.

What is the difference between Michelangelo’s David and Donatello’s David?

There is a great difference in size between the two: Donatello’s stands at 6 feet tall (185 cm) while Michelangelo’s is over twice it’s size at 13 feet, 5 inches tall (411 cm). Michelangelo carved his David from a huge block of marble.

What was the significance of Donatello’s David?

Donatello’s David. This work signals the return of the nude sculpture in the round figure, and because it was the first such work like this in over a thousand years, it is one of the most important works in the history of western art.

How tall is Donatello’s David and Goliath sculpture?

SZ: True, and each one will have to grapple with Donatello’s great achievement. The subject of this sculpture is David and Goliath, from the Old Testament. According to the story, Israel (the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) is threatened by Goliath, a “giant of a man, measuring over nine feet tall.

When was the statue of Donatello made by Cosimo de Medici?

Most scholars assume the statue was commissioned by Cosimo de’ Medici, but the date of its creation is unknown and widely disputed; suggested dates vary from the 1420s to the 1460s (Donatello died in 1466), with the majority opinion recently falling in the 1440s, when the new Medici Palace designed by Michelozzo was under construction.

Who was the first person to make a statue of David?

Donatello ‘s bronze statue of David (circa 1440s) is famous as the first unsupported standing work of bronze cast during the Renaissance, and the first freestanding nude male sculpture made since antiquity. It depicts David with an enigmatic smile, posed with his foot on Goliath ‘s severed head just after defeating the giant.