Who conceived the organic theory of the state?

Who conceived the organic theory of the state?

This was done for the first time by Sir Herbert Spencer. He is the most important political thinker as the exponent of the organic theory of the state. He drew close similarities between the state and animal organism.

Who propounded the organic theory of society?

The Organic Theory of Society: Aristotle drew a comparison between the symmetry of the state and symmetry of the body and firmly held that the individual is an intrinsic part of society.

Which jurist gave organic process theory?

Burke considered evolution of law as an organic process and an expression of common beliefs, faiths and practices of the community as a whole.

Who put forwarded the organic theory of state and society?

The Organic State Theory It was theorized in 1897 by Friedrich Ratzel, a nineteenth-century German geographer and ethnographer.

What is an example of organic theory?

Organic theory example: The Mongol Empire (biggest empire in history) conquered as much land as possible in order to stay in power and receive a surplus of resources. Question: What would happen to a country if they didnt claim resource rich lands?

What is social organic theory?

THE ORGANIC THEORY OF SOCIETY. Everyone seems ready to declare, although often with some reservations, that society is an organism; in other words, that man and nature are one, and so, among many other things, that no device or institution of human life is free from conditions of change.

What is organic theory of society?

Who is the father of Jurisprudence?

Bentham is known as Father of Jurisprudence was the first one to analyze what is law. He divided his study into two parts: Examination of Law ‘as it is’ i.e. Expositorial Approach– Command of Sovereign.

Who is the father of English Jurisprudence?

Actual laws were explained or condemned according to those principles. Austin is called the father of English Jurisprudence and the founder of Analytical school.

What is the idealistic theory of state?

Meaning of Idealistic Theory of State The basic principle of this theory is that the state is an end and the individual is a means. According to Hegel, the individual can perfect himself only in the stale. The supporters of this theory also believe that the state is a person and has a will of his own.

Who said state is product of society?

Karl Marx’s
Marx’s theory of the state. Karl Marx’s idea that the state can be divided into three subject areas: pre-capitalist states, states in the capitalist (i.e. present) era and the state (or absence of one) in post-capitalist society.

Why is the organic state theory important?

Importance and Examples of Organic Theory. Organic theory was another explanation of how and why certain political entities behaved the way that they did. In its use as a political tool, organic theory was often used as a justification of relentless and aggressive conquering. The idea behind it was self-preservation.

How is the organic nature of the state described?

The Organic Theory is a biological conception which describes the State in terms of natural science, Views the individuals who compose it as analogous to the cells of a plant or animal, and postulates a relation of interdependence between them and society such as exists between the organs and parts of a biological organism and the whole structure.

What is the history of the organic theory?

History of the Theory. The Organic Theory is as old as political thought itself. Plato compared the State to a man of great stature and conceived a resemblance in their functions. He said that the best-ordered commonwealth was one whose structural organization resembled most nearly in principle to that of the individual.

What does organic theory say about political entities?

Therefore, we can say that organic theory states that political entities continually seek nourishment in the form of gaining territories to survive in the same way that a living organism seeks nourishment from food to survive.

How is the organismic theory of the state different from other theories?

The Organismic Theory Distinguished from Other Theories. In a sense, the state’s organismic theory represents the antithesis of the juridical theory, which, at least in the minds of some of its supporters, conceives the state to be a legal fiction or a purely mental concept of the jurists.