Who decides the main policies of CARICOM?

Who decides the main policies of CARICOM?

The Principal Organs are: The Conference of Heads of Government (and its Bureau which operates as a sub-committee as required; and a Quasi Cabinet through which individual Heads of Government have Lead Responsibility for specific areas) The Community Council of Ministers (Ministers of CARICOM Affairs in Member States)

Who is the highest decision making body of CARICOM?

The Conference of Heads of Government
The Conference of Heads of Government which consists of the Heads of Government of the Member States is the supreme Organ of the Caribbean Community and determines and provides its policy direction.

Who governs CARICOM?

Secretariat. The Secretariat of the Caribbean Community is the Chief Administrative Organ for CARICOM. The Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community is the chief executive and handles foreign and community relations. The term of office of the Secretary-General is five years, which may be renewed.

What is the highest decision making forum of CARICOM?

the Heads of Government Conference
➢ The highest decision-making forum of CARICOM is the Heads of Government Conference. ➢ The Conference is presided by a chairman who is the head of CARICOM member state. ➢ There is also the CARICOM secretariat which oversees the day- to-day management of the organization.

Who are the CARICOM leaders?


  • Antigua and Barbuda: Gaston Browne.
  • Bahamas: Hubert Minnis.
  • Barbados: Mia Mottley.
  • Belize: Johnny Briceño.
  • Dominica: Roosevelt Skerrit.
  • Grenada: Keith Mitchell.
  • Guyana: Mohamed Irfaan Ali.
  • Haiti: Claude Joseph.

What are the three main objectives of Caricom?

The objectives of CARICOM are:

  • To improve standards of living and work.
  • The full employment of labour and other factors of production.
  • Accelerated, coordinated and sustained economic development and convergence.
  • Expansion of trade and economic relations with third States.
  • Enhanced levels of international competitiveness.

How is the government of CARICOM accountable to the people?

Governments of Member States and Associate Members, working with various other stakeholders, are ultimately accountable to the peoples of the Community for achieving the goals of regional integration.

What are the objectives of the CARICOM Treaty?

The achievement of the Objectives of the Community, as set out in Article 6 of the Revised Treaty, requires the collective participation of all Community Institutions and Associate Institutions, in addition to the CARICOM Secretariat.

Which is the second highest organ of the CARICOM Community?

The Community Council, which comprises Ministers responsible for CARICOM Affairs in Member States, is the second highest organ of the Community.

How are community development projects implemented in CARICOM?

Several Community programmes and projects are implemented through technical cooperation with third countries and multilateral agencies (collectively referred to as international development partners – IDPs). The support from the IDP is through the provision of human and/or financial resources. Learn more