Who does Ponyboy like the most?

Who does Ponyboy like the most?

Q. Who does Ponyboy love the most out of anyone? Darry.

Who does Ponyboy want to look like?

After stepping out of the movie theater, Pony mentions that he wishes he looked like Paul Newman. Pony then tells the reader that he has light brown “almost red” hair and greenish-gray eyes. Pony also mentions that he has long hair, which is squared off in the back and kept long towards the front and sides of his head.

Who visits Ponyboy?

Chapter 11 of The Outsiders begins with Ponyboy confined to bed rest in order to further facilitate his recovery. He spends some time looking through a yearbook before he is told that he has a visitor. The visitor is the Soc Randy.

Who does Ponyboy fall in love with?

Ponyboy is surprised when Cherry says that she could fall in love with Dally Winston. “I could fall in love with Dallas Winston… I hope I never see him again or I will.” Earlier, as the members of the Greasers watch the drive-in movie, two girls come and sit on the chairs where people without cars can sit.

Does Ponyboy idolize Soda?

Throughout the early chapters of Susan E. Hinton’s teen novel, The Outsiders, Ponyboy’s narration clearly states that Sodapop is his favorite brother. Ponyboy eventually comes to realize that Darry loves him just as much as Soda, and he finally returns the love of his adult brother.

Who loves Ponyboy more Sodapop and Darry?

Ponyboy feels that he loves Soda more than Darry, because Soda is different from other people. He thinks that Darry treats him like a child. At only twenty years old, Darry acts older than he is. He is “hard and firm” while Soda is always grinning.

Who does Ponyboy care about?

Following the traumatic deaths of Johnny and Dally, Ponyboy thinks about the numerous boys throughout the country in similar situations. He values and cares about the adolescents who are considered “hoods” and have a bleak future, which is why he ends up writing the novel to give them hope.

What is Ponyboy most afraid of?

Ponyboy is most afraid of losing his family. Hie brothers are all he has left after losing his parents in a car accident.

What are some of Ponyboy’s dreams or goals?

While Ponyboy and Johnny are lying on their backs daydreaming about a place with no Greasers or Socs in Chapter 3, Ponyboy mentions that living in the country would be perfect. Ponyboy says that he would love to relax underneath a tree and read. Pony dreams that he would have a yellow dog, and Sodapop would get…

What did Ponyboy want to happen at the end of the Outsiders?

Ponyboy would like to see: His brother Darry go to college and get a good job and career. However they don’t have the money to send him to college, and Darry has to work roofing houses. The rivalry between the Greasers and the Socs to end. At the end of the novel, Ponyboy realises that fighting is no good, and that it must stop.

How is Ponyboy different from the other greasers?

Ponyboy knows that fighting does no good. Ponyboy is dreamy and artistic unlike the other Greasers. Darry complains that he ‘doesn’t use his head’, and does’t think of carrying a knife or other weapon around with him. Ponyboy watches the sunset. He reads books and loves going to the movies.

Why does Ponyboy compare himself to Pip in Great Expectations?

Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Ponyboy compares himself to Pip in Dickens’s novel Great Expectations because, like Pip, he is born into low social standing, but he wants to grow up to be more refined.