Who fought on the side of the communists during the Korean War?

Who fought on the side of the communists during the Korean War?

Chapter 26: After WWII

the Chinese Nationalists Who was forced to retreat to Taiwan (Formosa)?
North and South Korea The 38th parallel became an important dividing line between
China Of the following participants in the Korean War, which fought on the side of the Communists?

What was the goal of McCarthyism quizlet?

The whole point of mccarthyism was to get rid of supposed communist , it didn’t work because the alleged communist weren’t communist .

What two spy cases increased fear of communism in the United States?

Two spy cases added to the fear of communism sweeping the nation. One involved State Department official Alger Hiss. A former Soviet spy accused Hiss of being a Soviet spy and giving away government documents. He claimed that documents implicated Hiss.

How did Joseph McCarthy gain power in the United States Senate quizlet?

How did McCarthy gain more power after the 1952 election? After the election Eisenhower appointed McCarthy as head of a new commission to investigate Communist activities in government.

Who believed that the best way to avoid a third world war?

American History Chapter 18

Question Answer
He beleived that the best way to avoid a third war was to create a new world order in which all nations had the right of self determination Joseph Stalin
although Mao Zedong won the haerts of the Chinese peasants, he failed to win American support because he….. was a communist

What were the effects of McCarthyism quizlet?

What were the four effects of McCarthyism? Millions of Americans were forced to take loyalty oaths, Activism and labor unions goes into decline, Many people become afraid to speak out on public issues, Anti-communism continues to drive foreign policy.

What was the purpose and the result of these hearings quizlet?

The hearings were held for the purpose of investigating conflicting accusations between the United States Army and Senator Joseph McCarthy. The Army accused chief committee counsel Roy Cohn of pressuring the Army to give preferential treatment to G. David Schine, a former McCarthy aide and a friend of Cohn’s.

What are three ways the United States reacted to fear of communism at home?

What are three ways that U.S. reacted to fear of communism at home? Truman set up Loyalty Review Board to investigate over 3 million. Congress set up HUAC to look for Communists. Hollywood created list of 500 people and refused to hire people on black list.

Why did McCarthyism succeed at first quizlet?

Why did McCarthyism succeed at first aand then fall out of favor? First, it succeeded because it fed on the publics fears of foreign influence in the USA, fears that had already been by several highly publicized espionage cases and various govt. hearings on the issue.

How did McCarthyism intensify Cold War tensions?

How did McCarthyism intensify Cold War tensions? McCarthyism caused the U.S. involvement in the Korean War. McCarthyism encouraged honesty and openness in government. McCarthyism increased unemployment rates due to false accusations.

How did world events help lead to McCarthyism quizlet?

How did its tactics help lead to McCarthyism? The House Un-American Activities Committee; it conducted highly publicized hearings on communist activities in the United States, as McCarthy later did, as well. U.S. leaders developed new policies and alliances to actively contain the advance of communism around the world.

Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during McCarthyism?

McCarthyism Referred to the unfair tactic of accusing people of disloyalty without providing evidence Dwight D Eisenhower He led the nation that developed the first hydrogen bomb Warsaw pact The satellite nations of the Soviet Union were members of this military alliance U-2 incident

Why did people fear communism after World War 2?

Advances made by the Soviet Union following World War II, coupled with the victory in 1949 of the Chinese Communist Party in establishing the People’s Republic of China and the apparent inability of the United States to prevent the spread of communism, were among the factors causing fear of communist infiltration in the United States.

What was the result of the McCarthyism investigation?

What were the results of McCarthyism? Joseph McCarthy’s charges that various government entities were infested with communists or communist sympathizers were mostly undocumented, and he was unable to make plausible charges against any person or institution.

What did Senator McCarthy claim about Alger Hiss?

Senator Joseph McCarthy The senate eventually condemned _____ for improper conduct that tended “to bring the senate into disrepute” Senator Joseph McCarthy At various times ____ claimed to have personal knowledge of 57, 81, or 205 communists working in the state department Alger hiss