Who gave the tennis shoes to Saheb and why?

Who gave the tennis shoes to Saheb and why?

Answer: Those tennis shoes wereof a rich boy who didn’t want to wear thembecause of a hole in it. so, saheb took itbecause for him even a shoe with hole is a dream come true. he explained everything to the author so dat she would not suspect himas a thief.

How are tennis shoes a dream come true for Saheb?

Saheb is wearing discarded tennis shoes. One of them has a hole. Saheb does not bother about the hole. For one who has walked barefoot, even shoes with a hole is a dream come true.

Why was Saheb happy wearing tennis shoes?

Saheb is one of the rag pickers whom she encounters often. He does not have any shoes to wear & walks barefoot. But when he got new sports shoes even though with a hole, it makes him happy that atlast he possess a sports shoe, a shoe of his own which makes him happy & contented.

Which shoes Saheb is wearing 11th class?

Saheb is wearing tennis shoes.

What is the irony in the name of Saheb e Alam?

s full name was sahib-E-Alam means the? Lord of the Universe?. The irony in his name was that he was a poor rag picker who did not even have chappals to wear. He walked on the streets barefooted to earn his living and looked into the garbage for gold coins or something to survive his days.

Why did Saheb lose his carefree look?

Saheb lost his carefree look on getting a job at a tea-stall, because he is no longer his own master now, he is not a free person any more. Being a ragpicker, he could roam around freely in his hometown. The job at the tea-stall has snatched his freedom away, because of which he no longer looks carefree.

What are the similarities and differences between Saheb and Mukesh?

Answer: Saheb is a rag picker who earns a livelihood by picking garbage yard near Seemapuri near delhi. whereas Mukesh is forced to worked in a glass blowing cottage industry unit in pathetic working condition in Firozabad. both are different in a sense that he has a ambition to became a car mechanic.

How do we know that Saheb loves tennis?

The authoress is impressed to note that Saheb likes the game of tennis and goes inside when no one is around. He also swings there. He is wearing the discarded shoes of a rich man because there is a hole in one of them. His face is beaming with joy.

What is the irony in the name Saheb e Alam?

What was the full name of Saheb?

His full name is “Saheb-e-Alam”. It means the lord of the universe.

Why has Saheb lost his youthful zest?

Why does saheb lose his youthful zest? He lost his youthful zest because he had to work. He had to carry heavy canisters. He was no more master of his own.