Who has recorded it had to be you?

Who has recorded it had to be you?

Frank Sinatra
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Who sings had to be with you with Tony Bennett?

Carrie Underwood
Tony Bennett
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What is Harry Connick Junior’s best song?

Best Harry Connick, Jr. Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

  1. It Had to Be You (Big Band and Vocals) It Had to Be You (Big Band and Vocals)
  2. A Wink and a Smile. A Wink and a Smile.
  3. I Could Write a Book.
  4. We Are In Love.
  5. Recipe For Love.
  6. Mind If I Make Love To You.
  7. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.
  8. The Way You Look Tonight.

What genre is had to be you?

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What year was it had to be you?

Remick & Co. “It Had to Be You” is a popular song written by Isham Jones, with lyrics by Gus Kahn. It was first published in 1924.

What year was it had to be you released?

“It Had to Be You” is a song featured in Frank Sinatra’s 1980 album, Trilogy: Past Present Future.

Who has Tony Bennett done duets with?

In celebration of his 85th birthday in 2011 the release of Bennett’s highly anticipated, Duets II , featured Tony performing with a new roster of celebrated artists including, the late Amy Winehouse (her last recording was their duet of “Body and Soul”), Michael Bublé, Aretha Franklin, Josh Groban, Lady Gaga, John …

Who sang with Carrie Underwood on Blue Bloods?

Check out this first peek of Carrie Underwood and Tony Bennett on the set of Blue Bloods! They are pictured here with Bridget Moynahan and Tom Selleck. Carrie and Tony will perform “It Had To Be You”, the duet they recorded for the legendary crooner’s Duets II album, set to be released September 20.

What musical is it had to be you from?

Steve Zegree : It Had to Be You This romantic classic from the 1944 Hollywood musical Show Business regained enormous popularity when Harry Connick, Jr. recorded it for the hit 1989 movie, When Harry Met Sally.

Who originally wrote it had to be you?

Isham Jones
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Why is it had to be you Rated R?

“It Had to Be You” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian) for sexual themes.

What’s wrong with Tony Bennett?

Veteran US singer Tony Bennett has retired from performing at the age of 95, his son and manager has said. It brings the curtain down on a glittering seven-decade career for the crooner, who revealed earlier this year he has Alzheimer’s disease.