Who has the Branding Iron in Sims 2 DS?

Who has the Branding Iron in Sims 2 DS?

The Branding Iron is a tool used for branding cows, however its purpose in The Sims 2 was to destroy the Prime Heifer. When Horus Menhoset IX asks you to find the Branding Iron, Jebediah S. Jerky says that he last saw it down at Strangetown Jail, where it is located near the Sheriff’s desk.

Can you beat Sims 2?

The Sims 2. One of the best way to kill Sims in The Sims 2 is by using Testing cheats, and then spawning Rodney’s Death Creator. Players can also easily kill Sims without Rodney’s Death Creator but with testingcheatsenabled, such as by dragging the hunger meter to rock bottom or aging them to the limit.

How do you shatter the prime heifer?

When Horus Menhoset IX calls you, he instructs that the Prime Heifer must be destroyed. After a series of goals, he tells you to shatter the statue with the branding iron which is found in Strangetown Jail. After the Prime Heifer is destroyed, Ava Cadavra goes on a strop and leaves the hotel.

How do I burn my Sim alive?

If you want to burn your Sims alive immediately, enter the cheat code stats. set_stat commodity_Buff_BurningLove_StartFire 7 a few times. Every time you enter the cheat code and press enter it will increase the chance with 15% of starting a fire.

Where is the rat cave in Sims 2 DS?

Location. The Rat Cave is a room which can be built by the player in the Basement of Strangetown Hotel in The Sims 2.

How to play The Sims 2 on the Nintendo DS?

A walkthrough for The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS. Here are the rooms in the hotel and their costs: 12.01 a.m. On Sun Deck: Creativity Skill Point 12.01 a.m. Next to Dance Floor in Saloon: Business Skill Point 08.00 a.m. In blue corrugated carton in Secret Warehouse: Body Skill Point 08.00 a.m. In bathroom of Asian Emporium: Charisma Skill Point

Where to find the walkthrough guide for Sims 2?

Mailing, Inquires, etc.: 1) Ok, first of all, go to the TOC (Table of Contents). Then look at it again, and again a third time. Sorry for stressing that out, but most often the answers to your questions can be found in a particular section of the guide.

Where are the skill points in the Sims 2?

To the left of the main stairs in the Basement: Body Skill Point 08.00 a.m. In the 2nd Floor Lobby, in the corner with the potted plant between the Jungle Room and Deluxe Guest Room: Business Skill Point 04.00 p.m. In Gym and Spa: Body Skill Point