Who is Enrique Esparza?

Who is Enrique Esparza?

Esparza, Enrique (1828–1917). Enrique Esparza, witness of the battle of the Alamo, son of Gregorio Esparza and Ana Salazar, was probably born in September 1828, although he claimed to have been born in 1824. His father was killed in the defense of the Alamo.

Why is Enrique Esparza famous?

Esparza, the son of a Texas army soldier who was killed during the battle, was one of the few Texan survivors of the siege. Decades later he recounted his Alamo experiences in a number of interviews.

What did Enrique Esparza do at the Alamo?

José Gregorio Esparza (February 25, 1802 – March 6, 1836), also known as Gregorio Esparza, was the last Texan defender to enter the Alamo during the early days of March 1836 in the Siege of the Alamo and was the only one that was not burned in the pyres. He had brought his family into the Alamo compound along with him.

Why did Gregorio Esparza go to the Alamo?

Colonel Travis told local families that they could leave San Antonio during the siege of the Alamo. Gregorio elected to fight with the Texians. When the Mexican army arrived, Gregorio was going to the Alamo, thus he brought the whole family to the chapel to hide.

Who survived the Alamo with her daughter?

Susanna Dickinson
Perhaps the most well known Alamo survivor was Susanna Dickinson, wife of defender Almaron Dickinson, who spent the battle hiding in a small dark room with her infant daughter, Angelina.

What was Gregorio Esparza occupation?

Military Leader
José Gregorio Esparza/Professions

Where is Gregorio buried?

Esparza died at the Alamo, but was not buried there. He was buried at the Old Campo Santo across the river, near San Pedro Creek….Jose Gregorio Esparza.

Birth 25 Feb 1802 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA
Burial The Alamo San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA
Memorial ID 6395774 · View Source

Who is the only Alamo defender to be buried?

Gregorio Esparza
Antonio López de Santa Anna ordered the defenders’ bodies burned on three large pyres near the mission, according to the official Alamo website. One defender, Gregorio Esparza, was granted a traditional burial because his brother was granted permission to retrieve his body.

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