Who is the best physics teacher in Unacademy?

Who is the best physics teacher in Unacademy?

Prateek Jain Sir is a Prominent IIT-JEE & NEET Physics faculty in Kota. He is currently also the Top Physics Faculty on Unacademy. He has over 8 years of teaching experience in Several Top Coaching institutes all over India.

Who is best teacher of physics for IIT?

AMIT AGARWAL,HOD-Physics. He is the Head of the Department of physics of Mentors Institute.

  • Mrityunjay Kumar. He helps the students gets prepared up for the IIT JEE.
  • SANJEEV JAISWAL. He is the senior faculty of the Department of physics of Mentors Institute.
  • Pradeep Saxena.
  • Ujjwal Akash.
  • Himanshu Singh.
  • How can I become Jee faculty?

    so, if you mean by being a part of coaching institute to teach for IIT JEE, you have to be good in the subject you want to teach. you have to apply for the post in the coaching you want to be a teacher. further tasks will be done by caching institute itself.

    Is Nitin Jain sir good for physics?

    Nks and Nitin Jain sir: # both are best faculties for physics . They teach in exceptional way they don’t provide much notes. And offcourse they give a lot of numerical problem because obviously jee is about numerical problem.

    Who is No 1 teacher in Unacademy?

    Vishal Sir is always known for his innovation in teaching and question framing, this certainly leads students to their goals.

    Did Aman Dhattarwal join Unacademy?

    #1 IIT JEE Faculty at Unacademy.

    Who is the No 1 physics teacher in India?

    Best Physics Teacher in India: anurag tyagi sir.

    Who is best physics teacher in the world?

    Well Professor Walter Lewin is rated as the Best Physics teacher in the World as he makes his subject practical and fun. Well, there is a teacher from MIT, who is known as a Superstar Professor due to the revolutionary methods he uses to impart knowledge to his students.

    How can I become a teacher in Allen Kota?

    Experience: Fresher: Up to 4 Years as a Faculty, Experienced: 5 Years & above as a Faculty. Selection Process: Candidates will be screened based on their academic qualifications and experiences. Short listed candidates will undergo written test, Demo & Personal Interview.

    How can I become a IIT teacher?

    Qualification: The candidate must have Ph. D. in a relevant area with consistently good academic record. Experience: a minimum of 10 years’ teaching/industry/ research experience of which at least 4 years should be at the level of Associate Professor in IITs, IISc Bangalore, IIMs, NITIE Mumbai and IISERs.

    What is Nitin Jain doing now?

    Nitin Jain topped both IIT-JEE and AIEEE in 2009 He interned at Zomato and was hired by Twitter in campus placements. Currently, he works with Google in San Francisco.

    What is the salary of Unacademy teacher?

    Unacademy Salaries

    Job Title Salary
    Educator salaries – 18 salaries reported ₹54,559/mo
    Educator salaries – 16 salaries reported ₹8,97,438/yr
    Sr. BDE salaries – 14 salaries reported ₹5,71,350/yr
    Senior BDE salaries – 14 salaries reported ₹5,76,663/yr

    How to study physics productively in IIT JEE?

    JEE Physics Preparation Tips – How To Study Productively? 1 Study In A Systematic Manner. Every time you sit down to study you should avoid studying in a haphazard manner. 2 Variety Is More Important Than Quantity. 3 Choose Study Materials Wisely. 4 Make Time For Revision. 5 Practice Solving Questions.

    Which is study material for IIT JEE moment of inertia?

    Physics Study Material For IIT JEE Moment of Inertia Rotational Motion Energy Gravitation Conservation Of Momentum Superposition Of Waves Radiation Wave Optics Stefan Boltzmann Law Youngs Double Slit Experiment

    Which is the best material to study for JEE?

    Candidates should always choose a material that is oriented with the exam pattern. Since time is a crucial factor during JEE preparation, it will matter only if candidates make use of relevant materials which consists of detailed and clear explanations of concepts as well as JEE based exercises. These will help them to study productively.

    What can you do with the JEE question paper?

    In addition to the physics books, you should also practice solving problems from the JEE question paper. You can get hold of the sample papers, past papers, model paper, etc. and all of these will help you develop better problem-solving skills as well as time management skills.