Who is the head of Jamaica Defence force?

Who is the head of Jamaica Defence force?

Lieutenant General R R Meade

Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force
Chief of Defence Staff Lieutenant General R R Meade
SO1 J2/J3 Intelligence, Operations And Training Lieutenant Colonel G O Anderson
Acting SO1 J4 Finance And Logistics Major A T Cooper-Nelson
Acting SO1 J5/J6 Strategy Plans Policy, ICT and Communication Major S O Bryan

Who is second in command of the Jamaica Defence force?

Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Champlini Henry is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the United Kingdom and is the Commanding Officer (CO) for the Second Battalion the Jamaica Regiment (2 JR). Lieutenant Colonel Henry was appointed the Second in Command (2IC) for 2 JR on January 1, 2021.

Who is the defense minister of Jamaica?

Horace Chang
Minister of National Security – Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, M.P.

Who is commissioner of police in Jamaica?

Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson
The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is the police force of Jamaica. The current head of the JCF is Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson. The JCF’s mission is ‘to serve, protect and reassure with courtesy, integrity and respect for the rights of all.

What is the salary of a JDF soldier?

4 Jamaica Defence Force employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor….Jamaica Defence Force Salaries.

Job Title Salary
Army Soldier salaries – 1 salaries reported JMD 115,000/mo

What is the highest rank in the JCF?

They are (in order of highest to lowest): Commissioner (one laurel wreath and one crown on each shoulder strap) Deputy Commissioner (one laurel wreath and two stars on each shoulder strap) Assistant Commissioner (one laurel wreath on each shoulder strap)

What is the highest rank in JDF?

Ranks of the JDF

Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers
Jamaican Army v t e
Lieutenant general Lieutenant colonel
Jamaican Coast Guard v t e
Vice admiral Commander

Who is the minister of security in Jamaica 2020?

Ministry of National Security (Jamaica)

Agency overview
Formed 2001
Headquarters North Tower 2 Oxford Road Kingston 5. Jamaica
Ministers responsible Horace Chang, Minister of Naitonal Security Matthew Samuda, Minister of State
Website https://www.mns.gov.jm/

Who is the Minister of Education in Jamaica 2021?

. Fayval Williams
Back to School National Message – September 2021 by The Hon. Fayval Williams, Minister of Education, Youth and Information – Jamaica Information Service.

Who was the first commissioner of police in Jamaica?

Basil Robinson
Basil Robinson became the first Jamaican Commissioner of Police.

How many soldiers does Jamaica have?

27,729 (2005 est.) The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) is the combined military of Jamaica, consisting of an infantry Regiment and Reserve Corps, an Air Wing, a Coast Guard fleet and a supporting Engineering Unit.

What is the age limit to join the JDF?

1. Applicants are accepted up to age 28. 2. Applicants with appropriate Aviation or Maritime qualifications can join the JDF Air Wing Reserves or the JDF Coast Guard Reserves.