Who is the most run scorer in international cricket?

Who is the most run scorer in international cricket?

SR Tendulkar
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Player Span Runs
SR Tendulkar (INDIA) 1989-2013 34357
KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL) 2000-2015 28016
RT Ponting (AUS/ICC) 1995-2012 27483
DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) 1997-2015 25957

Who is the most runs in ODI 2020?

Player Mat Runs
AJ Finch (AUS) 13 673
SPD Smith (AUS) 10 568
M Labuschagne (AUS) 13 473
DA Warner (AUS) 12 465

Who is God of cricket now?

Sachin Tendulkar Birthday: 48 Interesting Facts About the ‘God of Cricket’

Who hit most sixes in ODI?

Chris Gayle
Most ODI sixes list

Player Inns Sixes
Chris Gayle 294 331
Sanath Jayasuriya 433 270
Rohit Sharma 220 244
MS Dhoni 297 229

Who is the Sixer King of cricket?

Rohit Sharma
Indian opener Rohit Sharma can be crowned as the ‘Sixer King’ among the current generation of players. He has hit 244 sixes and 832 fours in his career so far.

Who are the players who have scored 10, 000 runs in one day cricket?

, fourteen players—from six teams that are Full Members of the International Cricket Council (ICC)—have scored 10,000 runs in ODIs. Out of these, five are from India, four are from Sri Lanka while two are from the West Indies. One player each from Pakistan, Australia and South Africa form the rest.

What does 10, 000 runs in one ODI mean?

Span – denotes the time span between the player’s debut and the date on which the player reached the 10,000 run mark 10KI – denotes the number of innings the player took to reach 10,000 runs – denotes that the player is active in ODIs

Who is the highest wicket taker in one day cricket?

Kohli has the highest average (59.33) and strike rate (93.25) among players who have performed the feat. Sri lanka’s Sanath Jayasuriya also features in the list of bowlers who have taken 300 or more wickets in the format.