Who is the owner of wiki?

Who is the owner of wiki?

Wikimedia Foundation

Who is the CEO of wiki?

Jimmy Donal Wales
In 1996, Wales and two partners founded Bomis, a web portal featuring entertainment and adult content. Bomis provided the initial funding for the free peer-reviewed encyclopedia, Nupedia (2000–2003)….

Jimmy Wales
Born Jimmy Donal Wales August 7, 1966 Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.
Other names Jimbo (screen name)

What was founded by Jimmy Wales?

Origin and growth. In 1996 Jimmy Wales, a successful bond trader, moved to San Diego, California, to establish Bomis, Inc., a Web portal company. In March 2000 Wales founded Nupedia, a free online encyclopaedia, with Larry Sanger as editor in chief.

Are Wikipedia owners rich?

And what’s his background? This internet entrepreneur’s net worth and lifestyle choices may surprise you. Jimmy Wales, who is sometimes known as Jimbo, is surprisingly only worth $1 million (£751,800).

Who are the owners of Answers.com?

Answers.com is an Internet-based knowledge exchange. The Answers.com domain name was purchased by entrepreneurs Bill Gross and Henrik Jones at idealab in 1996. The domain name was acquired by NetShepard and subsequently sold to GuruNet and then AFCV Holdings. The website is now the primary product of the Answers Corporation.

When did Answers.com get its domain name?

The product was launched as a free product in 1999. Beginning in 2003 it was sold to users on a perpetual license base and later as an annual subscription. During October 2004, GuruNet had an IPO on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) under the symbol “GRU” and also acquired the Answers.com domain name early the same year for $80,000.

Who is the parent company of Answers.com?

In August 2014, Apax Partners acquired Answers Corp. for $900 million. The terms of the deal were that Apax would own 91% of the company while Answers’ founders and management team will own the remaining 9% stake. In March 2017, Answers.com parent company, Answers Corp, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.