Who is worm in Max the Mighty?

Who is worm in Max the Mighty?

Max Kane helps Rachel, nicknamed “Worm” because of her love of reading, run away from her overly religious and abusive stepfather, whom Max nicknames “The Undertaker” because he drives a hearse and wears black clothing.

Where does Worm live in Max the Mighty?

The story starts in Max’s neighborhood and in his basement room at his grandparent’s house. His room is smelly, cluttered, and dark. The park where he meets Worm is near the old Mill Pond and has a Civil War statue. Worm lives in the poor part of town in the projects.

How would you describe Max in Freak the Mighty?

Maxwell Kane narrates Rodman Philbrick’s novel Freak the Mighty. Max has many character traits. He is shy and timid, he’s a loner, he lacks self-confidence, and he is loyal and caring. All of these character traits are developed through events that happen in the novel.

Who dies in Max the Mighty?

After having a seizure on his birthday, Freak is admitted into the hospital, where he gives Max a blank book, telling him to write the story of Freak the Mighty in it. Max returns to the hospital the next day to find that Freak died because his heart became too big for his body.

Is there a max the mighty movie?

The Mighty is a American 1998 drama film based on the book, Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick. The film stars an ensemble cast mainly starring Elden Henson and Kieran Culkin as Max and Kevin, respectively.

What grade level is Max the Mighty?

Max the Mighty

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 10 5.0

What does Max mean by your basic chunk of chain link heaven?

He lives in the basement, the down under, because he likes it down there. What does Max mean by ” your basic chunk of chain link heaven”? His backyard is dirty and gross, it has a chain-linked fence.

How does Max describe himself in Chapter 2?

Jonathan Beutlich, M.A. Max has an incredibly low opinion of himself, and that is evident right from the first few chapters. He repeatedly calls himself a “butthead” in those first two chapters. He also thinks that he is a moron and completely incapable of any kind of constructive thinking.

Why does Max call Kevin a Freak?

In the beginning, Max, who is also the narrator, says that he “never had a brain until Freak came along” (1). That is to say that Kevin actually teaches Max how to use his brain to read and to write. Together, they call themselves Freak the Mighty because each one makes up for the other’s weaknesses.

How does Max learn Kevin died?

When Max sees Kevin trying to get the bird out of the tree he realizes that there is something wrong- Kevin is very small for his (their) age. Max goes over to help. After their friendship has begun, Max comes to learn that Kevin is more than just small; Kevin’s growth condition will eventually take his life.

Is the mighty on Netflix?

Watch The Mighty on Netflix Today!

Is Freak the Mighty appropriate for 5th grade?

Violent and sad, but good storyline and interesting characters. This book is pretty good, but NOT for young kids. Max’s father nearly strangles Max to death, the same way he murdered Max’s mother. Also, there is a very, very sad death of a main character, who has known he was going to die since he was 7.