Who makes the M3 Grease Gun?

Who makes the M3 Grease Gun?

General Motors
45-caliber submachine gun adopted for U.S. Army service on 12 December 1942, as the United States Submachine Gun, Cal. ….M3 submachine gun.

Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M3
Designed 1942
Manufacturer General Motors, others
Unit cost Approx. US$15 (1943; equivalent to $224 in 2020)

Is the M3 Grease Gun still used?

M3 and M3A1 submachine guns remained in service in the U.S. armed forces, mainly as armament for armored vehicle crewmen. They saw use during the Gulf War in the early 1990s, and limited numbers of grease guns are reportedly still being utilized in the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns even today.

How accurate is the M3 Grease Gun?

450 rounds per minute
Troops quickly gave the stamped metal guns the nickname “Grease Gun” on account of the distinctive shape. They fired at a relatively slow, but inherently accurate rate of just 450 rounds per minute.

Was the M3 Grease Gun used in Vietnam?

The M3 was an American . 45-caliber submachine gun adopted for U.S. Army service on 12 December 1942, as the United States Submachine Gun, Cal. ….M3 submachine gun.

Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M3
Wars World War II Chinese Civil War Greek Civil War Korean War Bay of Pigs Invasion Vietnam War Argentine Dirty War Falklands War

Why is M3 called grease?

…as did the United States’ M3, called the “grease gun” for its resemblance to a mechanic’s grease dispenser. The British Sten gun, extremely simple and inexpensive yet very effective, was issued to paratroops and commandos beginning in 1941 and was also smuggled to partisans in Europe.

Are mp40s still used?

It was also adopted by some nations with the Norwegian army only withdrawing both its the MP38 in 1975, but used the MP40 for several more years until it was replaced by the Heckler and Koch MP5. Today the MP40 can still be seen being used in the Libyan and Syrian civil wars.

What replaced the M3 grease gun?

45 ACP. In the U.S. Army, the M3 was used up through the 1991 the Gulf War by vehicle and by Delta Force. Submachine guns were eventually replaced in many armies by shortened assault rifles, which used heavier assault rifle rounds while still physically compact.

Is the Grease Gun better than the Thompson?

The M3A1 was a very robust submachine gun that provided a short and compact option for specialized roles. It served far longer than the Thompson, and while it wasn’t as fancy, it was more efficient. The M3A1 is oft-forgotten and lives in the shadow of its old brother, but it was a fantastic firearm for its time.

Is the Grease Gun Good ww2?

It was the longest-serving SMG, from 1942 to 1992. Its World War II use of the . 45 round, already in use by the Thompson submachine gun and the M1911 pistol, made it a weapon that could be easily adapted for more situations and more troops. Sadly, it was also the weapon’s ultimate undoing.

What replaced the grease gun?

Eventually, the M3 was phased out by more efficient weapons for anyone who might need a personal weapon on the battlefield as the . 45 round gave way to the 5.56 and 9mm standards. After the 1991 Gulf War, the M3 began to disappear from the U.S. Military altogether after some 50 years in service.

Were grease guns used in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, the Grease Gun was a favorite because it provided instant close-range firepower, was tolerant of the field environment and was easy to maintain. The Grease Gun was a blowback-operated submachine gun that fired a . 45-caliber pistol round from a 30-round magazine loaded from underneath the receiver.

Did the Germans use the Grease Gun?

The Grease Gun was a project that started in 1942. American designers were looking to create a submachine gun similar to the British Sten Mk. 2 and German MP40. A unique feature of the Grease Gun was that it was able to convert to German 9mm rounds, used in the German submachine guns.