Who plays John Connor?

Who plays John Connor?

Thomas DekkerTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
John Connor/Voiced by

Why did they change actors for John Connor?

Edward Furlong was originally supposed to reprise his role for 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, but his aforementioned drug addiction meant the part was recast, with Nick Stahl becoming the next actor to play John Connor.

What happened to the actor who played John Connor?

It was later reported that Furlong’s facial likeness would be used via CGI in Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) with Jude Collie as a CGI stand-in, and Furlong was involved in one day of filming for facial capture performance, as John Connor was killed off in the film’s opening scene.

Who played John’s friend in Terminator 2?

Cooksey later played John Connor’s friend, Tim, in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which also featured Xander Berkeley and Jenette Goldstein. Cooksey has mainly dedicated himself to voice acting. Among his most famous roles is the voice of Montana Max in the cartoon Tiny Toon Adventures.

How Old Is Eddie Furlong?

44 years (August 2, 1977)
Edward Furlong/Age

How old is Patrick?

62 years (November 5, 1958)
Robert Patrick/Age

Does Kyle Reese know he is John Connor’s father?

In Terminator: Genisys, it’s confirmed that Kyle was John’s father the whole time. John knew this when he sent Kyle back and Sarah suggests he manipulated Kyle to ensure his own existence.

Who is John Connor’s real dad?

Kyle Reese
John Connor/Father

Why was John killed in Terminator?

The T-101 also states being sent from the future by Kate, John’s future wife and second-in-command; John had actually been killed by that very Terminator on July 4, 2032, as Skynet believed to be the most suitable for such a mission due to John’s emotional attachment to said model.

How old is Edward Furlong now?

Who was the baby in Terminator 2?

TERMINATOR 2 child star Edward Furlong was set to become a major star but struggles with drugs, alcohol, abuse, prison and rumours of underage sex destroyed his chances. He was plcked from obscurity in 1991, aged just 13, to star in one of the decade’s biggest blockbusters.

Was Claire Danes in Terminator 2?

Played by Claire Danes, Kate existed in the Terminator 3/Terminator: Salvation timelines, though in the latter film, she was played by Bryce Dallas Howard while Christian Bale portrayed John. But let’s examine whether Kate Brewster could have been in Terminator 2 all along.