Who sang Blue Bayou first Roy Orbison and Linda Ronstadt?

Who sang Blue Bayou first Roy Orbison and Linda Ronstadt?

“Blue Bayou” is a song written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson. It was originally sung and recorded by Orbison, who had an international hit with his version in 1963. It later became Linda Ronstadt’s signature song, with which she scored a Top 5 hit with her cover in 1977….Year-end charts.

Chart (1978) Rank
US Cash Box 62

Who wrote and originally recorded Blue Bayou?

Roy Orbison
Joe Melson
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Who sang harmony on Blue Bayou?

Orbison originally recorded “Blue Bayou” in 1961 and was released two years later from his album In Dreams. Featuring classic ’60s pop harmony and a quite extraordinary fluidity, it only peaked at No. 29.

What year did Linda Ronstadt release Blue Bayou?

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Who wrote the song it’s so easy to fall in love?

Buddy Holly
Norman Petty
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Did Elvis Presley ever sing Blue Bayou?

“Blue Bayou” was originally recorded by Roy Orbison at the end of 1961, but released by Monument as the double A-side track on a Monument Records single in the UK, yet was issued as the B-side single in the US, peaking at number 29; “Mean Woman Blues” was a US number 5, released in August 1963, written by Claude …

When did it’s so easy to fall in love come out?

It’s So Easy – Brokeback Mountain/Released

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Who all has recorded Blue Bayou?

Linda Ronstadt
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What kind of music did Roy Orbison listen to?

His major musical influence as a youth was country music. He was particularly moved by Lefty Frizzell ‘s singing, with its slurred syllables, and he adopted the name “Lefty Wilbury” during his time with the Traveling Wilburys. He also enjoyed Hank Williams, Moon Mullican and Jimmie Rodgers.

When did Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt come out?

Linda Ronstadt took the song to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in late 1977, where it held for four weeks, as well as #2 Country and #3 Easy Listening. It also reached #2, holding there for four weeks, on the Cash Box Top 100 chart.

When did Roy Orbison record Blue Bayou song?

The song has since been recorded by many others. “Blue Bayou” was originally recorded by Roy Orbison at the end of 1961. In the UK, it was released by London Monument as the double A-side track with ” Mean Woman Blues ” on a Monument Records single (HLU 9777), where both sides peaked at number 3.

What does Linda Ronstadt mean in Baseball Dictionary?

Because of this song, Dickson’s Baseball Dictionary records that a “Linda Ronstadt” is a synonym for a fastball, a pitch that “blew by you”. That phrase was coined by Mets broadcaster Tim McCarver, during a Mets telecast in the 1980s.