Who sang love on the line Hillsong?

Who sang love on the line Hillsong?

Hillsong Worship
Love On The Line/Artists

Who sang lead vocals on hold the line?

Hold the Line/Artists

What key is love on the line in?

This song was arranged by Dan Galbraith in the key of G, Ab….Piano/Vocal (SATB) Details.

SongID 27221
Original Key A
Available Keys Ab, G
Meter 6/8
Themes Rescue, Soul, Welcome, Saviour, Sin, Love of God, Grace, Love, Mercy, Sacrifice

What does love on the line mean?

n a tradition represented in Western European literature between the 12th and the 14th centuries, idealizing love between a knight and a revered (usually married) lady. cupboard love. n a show of love inspired only by some selfish or greedy motive. free love.

Who is aryel Murphy?

I am the first African American to start a Social Media & Design agency in Australia, and I am committed to paving the way for woman to succeed in business.

Does 55 mean hold the line?

“Hold the Line” is a song by American rock band Toto from their 1978 eponymous debut studio album. Written by the band’s keyboardist David Paich, the lead vocals on the song were performed by Bobby Kimball….Hold the Line.

“Hold the Line”
Studio Studio 55 (Los Angeles, California)
Genre Hard rock
Length 3:56
Label Columbia

What was Toto’s first song?

Child’s Anthem
Track listing

No. Title Lead vocals
1. “Child’s Anthem” instrumental
2. “I’ll Supply the Love” Bobby Kimball
3. “Georgy Porgy” Steve Lukather
4. “Manuela Run” David Paich

Who Wrote Love on Top?

Shea TaylorThe-Dream
Love on Top/Composers

What does putting yourself on the line mean?

If you put yourself on the line or lay yourself on the line, you do something that has big personal risks for you, especially for your job or reputation.

What does putting it all on the line mean?

to do something which causes you to risk losing something such as your reputation or your job. He had put his career on the line and I wasn’t prepared to allow what he had done to be diminished in significance. to speak truthfully and directly about your feelings.