Who shared the cabin with Jack and praiseworthy?

Who shared the cabin with Jack and praiseworthy?

Mountain Jim
Praiseworthy and Jack moved their baggage into a cabin with six other passengers. They shared the cabin with a mountain man, Mountain Jim.

Who are the main characters in by the Great Horn Spoon?

Lesson Summary There are four major characters in this story: Master Jack, the story’s 12-year old protagonist, Praiseworthy, who is Jack’s butler, Cut-Eye Higgins, the villainous dentist who is known more for his thievery than his dentistry, and Aunt Arabella, Jack’s aunt.

What is Jack’s relationship with praiseworthy?

Praiseworthy is Jack’s cousin.

Why did Jack and praiseworthy have to become stowaways?

Why do Jack and Praiseworthy have to become stowaways? They wanted to know what it was like to sneak on a ship. A man told them to become stowaways. A thief or cut-purse stole their money they saved to buy tickets for the voyage.

Why didn’t the Outlaws find Jack and praiseworthy’s gold?

praiseworthy let him buyn it with some of the gold dust. why didn’t dr. buckbee come with jack and praiseworthy? the outlaws thought they might have sewn gold in their coats.

Why was praiseworthy accused of stealing?

Praiseworthy isn’t buying what Cut-Eye’s selling, and he accuses Cut-Eye of stealing Doctor Buckbee’s map.

Why did Jack and praiseworthy put stowaways in coal bunker?

Jack and Praiseworthy explain that a thief stole their money for their ticket, and that they think the thief may be aboard. Because the captain doesn’t have time to waste, he puts the stowaways in the coal bunker making steam, and deals with the thief later.

Who are Jack and praiseworthy in the great horn spoon?

Jack and Praiseworthy are current stowaways, or people hiding aboard a ship, specifically a ship called The Lady Wilma, which is headed for California, since the Gold Rush is in full swing. Jack and Praiseworthy, during these chapters, concoct an elaborate plan to catch the man who stole their money using a pig named Good Luck.

Where does Jack find good luck with Mountain Jim?

Jack finds Good Luck with Mountain Jim tucked under a barrel. He’s even playing his harmonica to drown out the pig’s snorts. Later, Jack puts the pig into a small boat on the side of the Lady Wilma and covers her up before heading to bed himself.