Who sings the song called wet?

Who sings the song called wet?

YFN Lucci
Wet (She Got That…)/Artists

Who sang in Wet Wet Wet?

Marti Pellow

Marti Pellow
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter actor
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1982–present
Associated acts Wet Wet Wet Maggie Pie & The Impostors

Did Wet Wet Wet sing Angel Eyes?

“Angel Eyes (Home and Away)” is the third single from Wet Wet Wet’s first album, Popped In Souled Out. It was released on 30 November 1987 and reached number 5 in the UK Singles Chart….Angel Eyes (Home and Away)

“Angel Eyes (Home and Away)”
Producer(s) Michael Baker Axel Kroll
Wet Wet Wet singles chronology

Why is Wet Wet Wet called that?

The band name Wet Wet Wet was chosen from a line in the 1982 Scritti Politti song “Gettin’ Havin’ & Holdin'” (“it’s tired of joking… wet, wet with tears”), and McLachlan changed his name to stage name “Marti Pellow”. The band decided at this point that they could no longer work with him.

How Much Is Wet Wet Wet worth?

READ MORE. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the singer has a staggering net worth of £14.5million. He was born in Clydebank, Dunbartonshire and before beginning his music career, he became painter and decorator. The 65-year-old had huge success with Vortex Motion, which was later changed to Wet Wet Wet.

Did Wet Wet Wet write their own songs?

You could say I was the voice of Wet Wet Wet because I wrote the songs. “It means I get control of the content. It was with the blessing of the guys who told me I needed to run with this. I wanted to do it on my own.”

Who wrote Angel Eyes Wet Wet Wet?

Marti Pellow
Graeme ClarkNeil MitchellTommy Cunningham
Angel Eyes (Home and Away)/Composers

Who has had the longest number 1 song?

The songs that spent the longest at Number 1

  • Frankie Laine – I Believe (18 weeks)
  • Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (16 weeks)
  • Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around (15 weeks)
  • Drake – One Dance (15 weeks)
  • Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (14 weeks)
  • Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (14 weeks)

Why did Marty leave Wet Wet Wet?

In 2017, when he left for the second time, he made clear it was to focus on his solo career and other things. In July of that year, he told Music Week: “I will be spending more time on my solo work – performing concerts, acting and my own songwriting – as an artist I feel a lot more settled in this world.

How old is Marti Pellow now?

56 years (March 23, 1965)
Marti Pellow/Age

Who knocked Wet Wet Wet Off Number One?

It’s 25 years since Scottish quartet Wet Wet Wet spent an incredible fifteenth week at Number 1, dashing Kylie Minogue’s hopes of a chart-topping comeback.

Who wrote the song Love is all around?

Reg Presley
Love Is All Around/Composers

Who was the lead singer of Wet Wet Wet?

Wet Wet Wet. Picture: Getty Wet Wet Wet are one of the most successful Scottish bands of all time, and the ruled the charts in the late 1980s and 1990s. Lead singer Marti Pellow may have left the group, but we still love hearing their classic hits, including a certain chart beast from a hit romcom.

When did Wet Wet Wet Smile Come Out?

This was the third single from the band’s Picture This album, and gave them yet another top 10 hit in the UK in 1995. It was one of many Wet Wet Wet songs that Marti Pellow re-recorded for his 2002 album Marti Pellow Sings the Hits of Wet Wet Wet & Smile. Not the greatest music video of all time though, chaps!

When did Wet Wet Wet do everybody’s head?

Director Richard Curtis approached the band to record a cover of this Troggs song, and it ended up becoming one of the biggest hits in UK chart history. It spent 15 weeks at the top of the charts in 1994, with Pellow later saying: “We did everybody’s head in the summer of 1994.

Who was the original singer of let the music play?

Shannon auditioned for Liggett and Barbosa with the song “She Can’t Love You Like I Do”. They introduced her to the track “Fire and Ice”, which would later evolve into Shannon’s signature song, “Let the Music Play”.