Who won the league in 1940?

Who won the league in 1940?

League competition was split into two regional leagues, one North and one South. Teams played as many fixtures as was feasible, and winners were decided on goal average rather than points….Honours.

Competition Winner
Football League War Cup Preston North End
London War Cup Reading
Lancashire War Cup Manchester United

Who were prehistoric Liberians?

Liberia’s first inhabitants were ancestors of the Gola and Kissi peoples from north-central Africa who arrived as early as the 12th century. They were joined by the Kruan people (Kru, Kuwaa, Bassa, Krahn and Dei ethnic groups), moving in from the north and east.

Who won the Football League in 1920?

1920–21 Football League

Season 1920–21
Champions Burnley
New clubs in League 23 (see tables)
← 1919–20 1921–22 →

When did the Football League start in 1939?

The abandoned 1939–40 season would have been the 48th season of The Football League. The kick-off in all divisions took place on Saturday 26 August 1939. On Friday 1 September 1939, Germany invaded Poland. On Saturday 2 September 1939, all divisions of the Football League played their third game of the season.

Who was the leader of the League of Nations in 1931?

On Sept. 10, 1931, Viscount Cecil assured the League of Nations that “there has scarcely ever been a period in the world’s history… Sign up here to see what happened On This Day, every day in your inbox!

Who was leading the First Division in 1939?

Blackpool were leading the First Division when the season was abandoned. The tables below are reproduced here in the exact form that they can be found at The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation website and in Rothmans Book of Football League Records 1888–89 to 1978–79, with home and away statistics separated.