Who won the most F1 World Championships?

Who won the most F1 World Championships?

Michael Schumacher
Most Drivers’ World Championships

Pos Driver Championships
1 Michael Schumacher 7
1 Lewis Hamilton 7
3 Juan Manuel Fangio 5
4 Alain Prost 4

Who holds the record for F1 championships?

Most F1 World Championship Titles German Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher has won the most F1 world titles with a record seven titles of which he won four consecutive titles with Ferrari from 2000-2004.

How old is Max Verstappen exactly?

Max Verstappen

Born Max Emilian Verstappen 30 September 1997 Hasselt, Belgium
Formula One World Championship career
Nationality Dutch
2021 team Red Bull Racing-Honda
Car number 33

Who got fastest lap 2021?

2021 Season

Pos. Driver DHL Fastest Laps
1 Lewis Hamilton 4
2 Max Verstappen 4
3 Valtteri Bottas 2
4 Sergio Perez 1

Which country has the most F1 champions?

The UK has the most F1 champions, with 10 drivers having won 18 titles between them.

Who has won the most podiums in a F1 season?

Michaeal Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel jointly hold the record for the most podium finishes in a single Formula 1 season but only Schumacher has the unique record of 100% podiums in an F1 season. Michael Schumacher won the 2012 driver’s championship title by winning 11 out 17 races, 5 second place finishes and 1 third place.

Which British driver has won most F1 World Championships?

In the current Formula 1 driver’s British driver Lewis Hamilton has won the most titles with the recent and his fifth World Championship title being in the 2018 F1 season.