Who Wrote No Scrubs Kandi and tiny?

Who Wrote No Scrubs Kandi and tiny?

Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs
Tameka CottleKandi BurrussLisa Lopes
No Scrubs/Composers

Who wrote no more scrubs?

Kandi Burruss
No. Scrubs. The TLC track, which was penned by none other than The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss, is about as catchy as it gets. And even 20 years after it hit the airwaves, it’s an impossible-to-resist jam, and a female power anthem of sorts.

Did Tiny Harris write No Scrubs?

Initially uncredited, a fan noticed that “Shape of You” sounded a bit similar to “No Scrubs.” Harris was later credited as a writer on the song.

Who did the song No Scrubs?


What part of No Scrubs did Kandi write?

“No Scrubs” was initially written by Kandi Burruss on an envelope while sitting in her car, then she free-styled the entire song while driving on a highway. The song’s lyrics stemmed from a previous relationship Tameka Cottle was involved in which she described as a “screw-up”.

Who has Kandi Burruss wrote songs for?

10 Hit Songs You May Not Know Kandi Burruss Wrote

  • Whitney Houston – “Tell Me No”
  • Pink – “There You Go”
  • Destiny’s Child – “Bills, Bills, Bills”
  • ‘N Sync — “It Makes Me Ill”
  • Mariah Carey – “X-Girlfriend”
  • Usher – “Pop Ya Collar”
  • Alicia Keys – “Jane Doe”
  • Boyz II Men — “Good Guy”

Who wrote songs for Xscape?

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s)
1. “Love Never Felt So Good” Michael Jackson Paul Anka
2. “Chicago” Cory Rooney, Michael Jackson
3. “Loving You” Jackson
4. “A Place with No Name” Jackson Lee Martin Bunnell Elliot Straite

Who wrote Kandi?

Kandi Burruss has had so many different careers that new fans may be unaware that she co-wrote two timeless No. 1 hits in TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” — and that they competed against each other at the 2000 Grammys (“No Scrubs” came away with the win for Best R&B Song).

Who has Kandi written songs for?

Did Kandi Burruss wrote a song for Jo Dee Messina?

In 2012, Messina was featured on the fourth season of Bravo’s hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. On the show, Messina and cast member Kandi Burruss collaboratively wrote a song, Burruss’ first effort at creating country music.

Did Kandi write Xscape songs?

Burruss was part of the 1990s girl group Xscape and debuted as a solo recording artist in 2000 with her album Hey Kandi….Songwriting and production credits.

Song Performer Credits
Easier Kandi Co-writer
The End Song Writer
Feel So Good Xscape Writer
Feel So Good (Untouchables Remix) Xscape Writer, Vocals