Who wrote the poem at the theatre?

Who wrote the poem at the theatre?

At the Theatre: To the Lady Behind Me by A P Herbert – Famous poems, famous poets. – All Poetry.

Who is the poet of at the Theatre?

The poem At the Theatre: To the Lady behind Me, the poet A.P. Herbert shares an annoying experience. He was sitting inside a theatre enjoying a play. However, his excitement to enjoy the play was tarnished by a lady sitting behind him.

Why was the speaker annoyed in the poem at the Theatre to the lady behind me?

c) What ‘human touch’ did the speaker want? – The speaker was so angry that he wanted the lady to stay quiet and stop annoying him. 3. The speaker addresses the lady as ‘foul’ and her companion as “half- wit’ .

How was the lady spoiling the charm of the play for the poet?

4. The poet remarked the lady saying that she was a half wit and manner less because the lady and her niece spoiled the charm of the play by talking loudly about the suspense of the story beforehand. The poet addressed the lady as ‘a foul woman’ he also instructed the lady not to breathe upon his neck and behave well.

Why did the poet get annoyed at the Theatre?

suspense and mystery which the poet wanted to enjoy to the fullest. the suspense was revealed. Thus the poet got really annoyed.

What is poet remark about the lady?

Do you think that the old lady would have been so ungenerous if she had known who The poet himself says that ‘I don’t believe it is true’.

Why did the poet get annoyed angry?

The poet speaks to the wind in anger. He highlights the destructive Nature of the wind. he is angry when he finds the wind crumbling lives . he is unhappy when he noticed that the wind is friendly with the strong ones and teases the weaklings .

How did the poet know that the lady had seen the play earlier?

How did the poet know that the lady had seen the play earlier . The lady kept foretelling the scenes . so, the poet know that she had seen the play earlier.

What was the first ever theatre?

the Theatre of Dionysus
The first plays were performed in the Theatre of Dionysus, built in the shadow of the Acropolis in Athens at the beginning of the 5th century, but theatres proved to be so popular they soon spread all over Greece. Drama was classified according to three different types or genres: comedy, tragedy and satyr plays.

When did a.p.herbert write his first book?

When the battalion returned to the front line at Pozières in February 1917, Herbert was made the battalion’s adjutant, but he was later injured from shrapnel during an attack on Gavrelle, west of Arras. On medical leave back in England after the injury, Herbert began writing his first book, The Secret Battle, which he finished “in a few weeks”.

Which is an example of a P Herbert poem?

Hmm I wonder what Herbert would have thought of that! Somebody told me this was written by Catherine Lim! this is a good example of poetry, used to show how the author shows his purpose through words, actions, and how they can decribe a scene so vividly that a reader will be able to picture the scene. [round of applause to A.P. Herbert.]

Who is the Lady Behind Me by P Herbert?

At the Theatre: To the Lady Behind Me by A P Herbert – Famous poems, famous poets. – All Poetry I never saw it till today. But, let me tell you, I do not. If you keep shouting who it is. Since you have just foretold it all. Without assistance from your niece. I trust you will not speak again.

Who was a.p.herbert’s father and mother?

His father, Patrick Herbert Coghlan Herbert (1849–1915), was a civil servant (assistant secretary of the Judicial and Public Department) in the India Office, of Irish origin, and his mother, Beatrice Eugenie (née Selwyn), was the daughter of Sir Charles Jasper Selwyn, a Lord Justice of Appeal.