Why are Innocent smoothies called Innocent?

Why are Innocent smoothies called Innocent?

One of the challenges was finding a suitable name that captured the natural, healthy spirit of the brand. This alone took nine months, as they came up with all sorts of names – including Fast Tractor, Hungry Aphid, Nude and Naked, before they finally decided on the name Innocent.

Is Innocent owned by Coca Cola?

You might already know that innocent is owned by Coca Cola. We first started working with them in 2009, when they bought a 20% share in our business. Over the years, as we got to know them and they got to know us, Coke bought more shares, until 2013, when they took full ownership.

What Flavours are Innocent smoothies?

Innocent Super Smoothie Strawberry Burst 4X150ml.

  • Innocent Kids Smoothie Peach Passion Fruit 4X150ml.
  • Innocent Super Smoothie Mango Fandango 4X150ml.
  • Innocent Kids Smoothie Cherries Strawberries 4X150ml.
  • Innocent Strawberry & Banana Smoothie 750 Ml.
  • Innocent Kids Orange Mango & Pineapple 10X150ml.
  • Where are Innocent smoothies based?

    The company sells more than two million smoothies per week. Innocent is over 90% owned by The Coca-Cola Company….Innocent Drinks.

    Industry Beverage
    Founder Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright
    Headquarters London , United Kingdom
    Area served Europe
    Key people Douglas Lamont (CEO)

    Is Innocent juice really Innocent?

    EXPERT VERDICT This (not so) Innocent smoothie has almost 30 per cent more sugar per 100ml than Coca-Cola, and is the most sugar-rich smoothie on the market. MANUFACTURER’S RESPONSE: Innocent smoothies are made from nothing but pure, crushed fruit and juice, with absolutely no sugar added.

    How much did coke pay for Innocent?

    In 2009 Coca-Cola bought an 18% stake in Innocent for £30 million and then in the following year increased its shareholding to 58% for a reported £65 million.

    How much did Coke pay for Innocent?

    Why was Coke bought Innocent?

    Coca-Cola is taking full control of Innocent smoothies in a deal that will make millions of pounds for the company’s founders. “Our aim was to make Innocent a global brand and take its ethical values to the world’s consumers. We decided that we would be able to do a better job of that with Coke.”

    Is there added sugar in Innocent smoothies?

    Most of the smoothies from Innocent and Naked have more sugar than do cola drinks, hence the many headlines proclaiming that news recently. Most Innocent and Naked smoothies have exactly 11g per 100ml, whereas Coco-Cola has 10.6g.

    Are Happy Monkey smoothies vegan?

    ‘Happy Monkey H/Monkey Strawb”Y Ban Smoothie (4 X 180Ml) Gluten Free Vegan’

    Are Innocent Smoothies one of your 5-a-day?

    You only need one 150ml glass of an innocent juice or smoothie to hit one of your 5-a-day. For the other four, try any fruit or veg that’s fresh, frozen, dried or canned. Nature has kindly given us a whole rainbow of fruit and vegetables, so it’s only polite to try as many of them as you can.

    Why are innocent smoothies bad for you?

    Squeaky-clean smoothie brand Innocent is dead clever at its marketing, with little knitted hats and squeezing 2 of your 5-a-day into 250ml. But fruit is nature’s dessert for a reason: the sugar content. Their 250ml Energise super smoothie is full of good stuff, but also contains 226 kcal and a whopping 40g of sugar.

    Are there any added sugars in an Innocent smoothie?

    The good news is that there are no added sugars in an Innocent smoothie – all the sugar is produced naturally from the fruits packed into the drink. And they do pack the fruits into each bottle. With flavours including mango, strawberry, pomegranate, pineapple and apple, there is a smoothie to suit all tastes.

    Why did I come up with the name Innocent smoothie?

    I wasn’t keen on the name and our conversation turned to the smoothies themselves. Unlike Sunny Delight, I said, which was cynically loaded with additives, smoothies were 100 per cent fruit, which made them kind of innocent. Richard looked at me. “Innocent”, he said, “That’s a much better name, isn’t it?”

    How big is a bottle of innocent Superfood smoothie?

    Note a bottle of Innocent Superfood Smoothie is 360ml although the company say a serving is only 250ml.

    What kind of bananas are in Innocent smoothies?

    Bananas contain potassium which helps maintain healthy blood pressure and normal muscle function, and the majority of the Innocent smoothie range include this potassium-rich fruit. For a real potassium hit, try the Cinnamon and Banana Split which includes three pressed bananas.