Why did Breathe Carolina break up?

Why did Breathe Carolina break up?

In 2011, Breathe Carolina dropped Hell Is What You Make It, and the track “Blackout” landed them on Jimmy Kimmel. In a 2013 article from AltPress, Schmitt announced that Even had left the band to focus on fatherhood.

Is Breathe Carolina emo?

Musical style and arrangement. Breathe Carolina has mainly been categorized as electropop, EDM and electronic rock.

What type of music is Breathe Carolina?

Electronic dance music
Breathe Carolina/Genres

Is Breathe Carolina scene?

Here’s the big news no one was expecting – Breathe Carolina are BACK. They disappeared from the scene for a hot minute to travel the EDM world – but they’re back in the scene, and they’re combining all of their experiences to bring together rock and EDM like few have done before.

Where is Breathe Carolina from?

Denver, Colorado, United States
Breathe Carolina/Origin
Breathe Carolina are an American electronic music duo from Denver, Colorado, currently composed of David Schmitt and Tommy Cooperman. The band formed in 2007 and have released five albums, and nine EPs.

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Who are the members of the band Breathe Carolina?

Breathe Carolina is an American electronic music duo from Denver, Colorado, currently composed of David Schmitt and Tommy Cooperman. The band formed in 2007 and have released four albums, and nine EPs.

Which is the best album by Breathe Carolina?

1 It’s Classy, Not Classic (2008) 2 Hello Fascination (2009) 3 Hell Is What You Make It (2011) 4 Savages (2014) 5 Dead: The Album (2019)

Where did Breathe Carolina get their name from?

The name Breathe Carolina came from a dream that Schmitt had in 9th grade, about calming down a woman named Carolina. Soon afterwards, Even quit his job as a photographer to tour with the group full-time. Their first EP, Gossip, was released as an iTunes exclusive on November 26, 2007. It was self-released and has since been removed from the store.

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